September 17, 2008

Hyakushiki love

山下翔央, Yamashita Shoon, Ya-Ya-yah
[FORENOTE: A piece of good news: Shoon will be performing a solo song in one of the October SCs. =D *dances* The song's title is 欲望のレイン (Yokubou no rain - Rain of Desire) and you can watch it here on YouTube performed by Toma & Yamapi. There's a lyrics transcription and translation on the right as well, and the lyrics are really... um... steamy. XDDDDD For once I'm glad my Japanese is not so good, or I'd die listening to Shoon saying those things. D: I hope this means a "real" solo, with no backsingers, and not a 1 and a half minute of the song. *crosses fingers*]

Hyakushiki is so much love of late that I can't resist x-posting from the Shoon LJ community my latest Hyakushiki-centric entries and clips. For those of you who are not members of the comm. They go in reverse chronological order (newer to older).

September 16th

The theme of today's Hyakushiki was "chicken"... who on earth comes up with these themes? XD ...and I discovered a side of Shoon I didn't know: Shoon the poet. Apparently there's a rumour that he has a gift for literature (wow, who knew? =D), so he's asked to compose an ikku (一句 - a one haiku-poem) to yakitori (skewered, grilled chicken). LOL And just as it was to be expected it was both sweet and witty. ^3^ Forget Shakespeare; I prefer Shoon's verses. ^-^ [click here if you don't know what a Haiku is]

translation of Shoon's ikku: 焼き鳥や 君がタレなら 僕は塩 [Yakitori-ya. Kimi ga tare nara; boku wa shio] Yakitori-shop. If you were the tare (a type of sauce), I'd be the salt. ("Kimi" is an intimate form of "you" men use to address their girlfriends/wives, and "boku" is one of the masculine forms of "I/me") [yakitori is usually served with salt and tare sauce - wikipedia]

The new header was inspired by this. =)

September 9th

Today's Hyakushiki can be summarized in a 6 minutes video. The rest of the show was clips from old episodes. =/ But seeing the guys mimicking the Gokusen cast (I guess?) was fun. My favourite bit is where Shoon shows Sanada how to really dance. 8D

September 2nd

A rough explanation of what Shoon and the woman say (or what I grasp, rather): Shoon tells the others about a dream he sometimes has, in which he wakes up, looks at his reflection in the mirror and realizes in horror that his hair is gone. And knowing how coquetish he is and how fond he's of his hair must be a real nightmare. LOL The lady says his dream reveals he's a secretive person (himitsu shugi - 秘密主義). Not that we didn't know before, right? Even the voice over describes him as ミステリアスな山下 (the mysterious Yamashita). XD Then she also adds that his dream means his character is marked by rationality ("shikou" 思考), strength of will, I think (意思 - "ishi")", and also says that it expresses leadership (リーダーシップを表す - "leadership wo arawasu") and if I'm not wrong she concludes that it indicates he's a person that doesn't want to stand out but does? (目立つ人 - "medatsu hito") (in fact she says that a bald person stands out, which is true) I believe that's so because she explains something I'd already heard somewhere, that when you dream you're naked or bald as Shoon does, you're afraid of standing out or that you're worried your secrets will be exposed somehow. That's an interesting analysis of Shoon's personality, isn't it?

note: the full clip has been subbed by 33_snowfish and smalltownsburns and can be downloaded here

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