September 01, 2008

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山下翔央, Yamashita Shoon, Ya-Ya-yah
I'm definitely back home. In the city, I mean. ^^ I spent this past week with my parents at their Summer house in the countryside, which is about an hour from the capital, but still within the province of Madrid. I love the place. I spent many happy Summer holidays there during my childhood and teenage years, and I still escape there whenever I can take a break. The only thing I dislike about going there is that my Internet connection there is horribly slow, so I decided to wait till I came back to update and catch up with all the stuff I missed while I was away. Like Hyakushiki. =)

Yesterday night I downloaded last week's Hyakushiki from Kamichan's site, and Shoon made me laugh so much in the game at the end of the show! I subbed that part (well, not all of it) for those of you who haven't seen it yet or didn't understand it. Please bear in mind that it's a loose translation and also that my Japanese is just so-so. Corrections are most welcome. =) I miss Kato Kan T___T When is he coming back?

He's so funny! ^____^ ...and random! XD But then that's the kind of humour I like best, the kind of absurd humour that makes me laugh. And it's kind of amazing to see how quickly he goes from one character to another: he's playing a tough rapper, and then all of a sudden he turns into an idiotic foreigner speaking Japanese. LOL That was hysterical. I always wondered what foreign people must sound like to Japanese ears when speaking Japanese, and now I know! XD Not us, Spaniards, I hope, since we have the same vowel sounds. That was mean, Shoon! XD But funny. XDDDD

I also loved the little, silly and slightly gay XD dance Shoon was doing when it was Takada Sho's turn. LOL Oh, and I can't wait to see the next episode... Shoon in pajamas. *__* I sleep in the exact same position as Takada! XD *gets shot* And I can't wait to get a HQ version of this episode to take like a dozen screencaps of this part.

Actually I was curious and searched for the song on YouTube... and found it! These Kome Kome Club (米米 Club) guys are pretty hilarious too. XD

Anyway, it's been some time since the last time I scanned some Ya-Ya-yah pages, so I chose two Stand by Me articles from 2004 that are pretty rare. They all look so young and cute. ^0^ But poor Shoon gets his name spelled wrongly in both ("Shon" in one and "Syon" in the other XD) Please don't repost these scans, thanks. =) Feel free to use them for icons, graphics, or translations, though. Credits appreciated but not necessary. Remember that header I used some months ago, on Shoon's 7th anniversary in JE, when things were not looking good for him? The one that said "how much higher will Shoon have to jump for JE to realize that he deserves more chances?" or something like that? Some of you asked where was that from, well, it's from one of these articles as you can see. =)

2004.07 TV Life - 2004.07 TV Life 2 -
2004.09 Candy - 2004.09 Candy 2 -
2004.07 TV Life :: 2004.09 Candy

And this has nothing to do with Shoon nor Ya-Ya-yah, but I'm so ridiculously proud of my digital camera I just wanted to show you a few of the hundreds of photos I've taken this past week at the countryside. XD I always got frustrated with my old, non-digital camera, but a digital camera makes things so much easier. =D

Left: back view of my parents Summer house, taken from beneath a fig tree in the corner. Right: wood pidgeon that has its nest on the pine tree in front of my parents Summer house. Wood pidgeons are a type of wild doves. I dislike doves because they're like air rats, but wood pidgeons live in the countryside and have a much more healthy diet of insects and such than city doves.

back view of my parents Summer house, taken from beneath a fig tree in the corner wood pidgeon that has its nest on the pine tree in front of my parents Summer house

Left: two lovely pansies and a shy one with a peculiar shape. Pansies are my favourite flowers. =) Right: community gardens near my parents Summer house. I like how this one turned out because it looks sort of like part of a Japanese garden. =)

two lovely pansies and a shy one with a peculiar shape community gardens near my parents Summer house

Left: an evening view of another part of the community gardens, where you can see my favourite tree in the place: an acacia. ^__^ Right: this is a flower from one of my mother's fuchsias, which we call "pendientes de la reina" (queen's earrings) in Spanish. I love trees, plants, and flowers.

community gardens near my parents Summer house Fuchsia flower

Left: the sky seen from beneath the pines. I took this one while I was sitting on a bench in one of my favourite spots for daydreaming. =) Right: my late Summer read: The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho. It's a great book; I loved it. ^^v

the sky seen from beneath the pines my late Summer read: The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho

Left: some lovely lavender bushes. Right: from the camping and park sets of my Playmobil clics "collection". =D It's not exactly a "collection". Playmobil clics (those articulated plastic dolls you see on the picture) were my siblings and mine favourite toys when we were kids. They were really popular in the 70s and 80s. We got clics sets on Xmas, on our birthdays... and with five children (counting me) that's a lot of sets. When we grew up my brothers and sisters lost their interest in them, so I've been the one who took care of them. I put away each set in separate boxes, and they are all at the atic of my parents Summer house. This Summer, with the help of my new camera, I decided to start taking pictures of each set. =) I'm thinking of donating our collection to some toys museum, but the idea of parting with them breaks my heart a little.

lavender from my Playmobil clics collection

If you want to see more of my pictures click here. You can also see them all on a slide show. =)

PS: sorry I still have many comments to reply. m(_ _)m I'm still catching up after the holidays.

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