February 06, 2010


山下翔央, Yamashita Shoon, Ya-Ya-yah
It seems there was a slight audio-video synchro problem with the last Hyakushiki (yurugee 8), so I re-converted and re-uploaded it. Sorry about the inconvenience for making you re-download it. m(_ _)m [480x272 - 160MB] 2010.01.27 Hyakushiki - yurugee 8 fixed.avi

Okay, this week's Hyakushiki. It had the oddest theme: "how does it turn out after this?", but it was fun, and Shoon was just awesome. <3 It's nice when they allow the boys to have a more active part in the show, because really, it makes such a difference. I know I'm biased, but Shoon in particular makes everything so much fun. Just his start with that theatrical "What is the thing that falls from the skies?" was so, so much win. ♥ XD Also, I love how much Inocchi seems to enjoy watching Shoon take his place. LOL If you can't watch the clip below, click here. If you're interested in the HiDef version (1024x576), please consider joining the Shoon LiveJournal community. You'll be most welcome, whether you're a Shoon fan or not. =)

2010.02.03 Hyakushiki - how does it turn out after this? (.avi 160MB - 480x272)