February 26, 2010


山下翔央, Yamashita Shoon, Ya-Ya-yah
Sometimes miracles happen, sometimes loving something makes you throw care to the wind and voice the feelings you had been wanting to speak out for a long time. I imagine that's what happened to Yabu when he said this in an interview published in fanclub booklet volume 1. (quoted in a Japanese BBS and found by my friend Mabel) edit: thanks to Stevenica for pointing out the right source. Credits for the scan: kk16221@LJ

『デビューっていうのは単純に嬉しかったんだ。やっぱりJr.に入ったときから、デビューはひとつの大きな目標だったから。でも「10人、多いな」とか「エッ、オレ、最年長?」、「BESTと7?」、「あれ、Ya-Ya-yahはどうなるの?」、「オレ、みんなをまとめるなんて、できないよ」とか。複雑すぎて頭がパニックだった。どう説明していいのか、いまだにわからない。ただ、迷うことやビックリすること、いろいろあったけど、その全部が自分にとっては大事だったなぁと今は思う。今、JUMPが大好きだし、すっごく幸せだし。でもねYa-Ya-yahでやってきたときの経験がなきゃ、絶対に今の自分はないと思う。昔の自分があるから今の自分があるんだってことを忘れたくないな』 (fanclub booklet volume 1)

When I was told about the debut... I just felt happy about it because, really, from the day I joined Johnny's, debuting had been my one biggest goal. However I was like... "10 people... that's a lot of people" ... "eh? I will be the oldest?" ... "BEST and 7?" ... "But then... what will happen with Ya-Ya-yah?" ... "Can I pull everyone together? I don't think so." It was all so complicated that I panicked. Even now I can't think of a good way to explain it. However, even though a lot happened, things that puzzled me and things that were a shock for me, now I think all in all those things have taught me much. Now I love JUMP and I feel blessed, but I think that without all the experience from Ya-Ya-yah I wouldn't be who I've come to be. I will never forget who I was because that made me be who I am now.

This is so beautiful and sincere it made me teary-eyed, and really, what else is there to say? Feelings break barriers and like the forces of nature they can't be contained. It's so wonderful that he said THE word and spoke out. Important things need to be said.

薮さん、本当にありがとう。 ♥

PS: Oddly enough, his words feel like a fitting reply to the fictional letter from Shoon I wrote for his birthday.
PS2: Thanks so much, Mabel, for helping me with the translation. <3

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2010.02.24 Hyakushiki

The theme of this Hyakushiki episode was "caricatures", and it was an entertaining episode, though I suppose it probably is more fun to those who actually know all the Japanese celebrities of whom they showed caricatures the boys had to guess. Also, again Keito and Takada got to do a location report. They take a lesson in caricature drawing with a famous caricaturist, and show the impressive results to Inocchi and the rest of the boys afterwards at the studio. I must say I've always envied caricaturists. That easiness they have for capturing a person's most characteristic features. Awesome! Next show's theme is "survival games", and that so brings back memories of onigokko! ^^ None of the boys are shown in the preview, but I hope it will be a location report and not a documentary.

If you can't watch the clip below, click here. If you'd like to have this or any previous Hyakushiki episodes in HD (1024x576), please consider joining the Shoon LJ community.

[480x272 - 161MB] 2010.02.24 Hyakushiki - caricatures.avi