March 05, 2010

no hiatus whatsoever

山下翔央, Yamashita Shoon, Ya-Ya-yah
This morning I received this comment from one of the readers of this blog and thought I should make a post to reply it because perhaps more of you were wondering too:

Is there a particular reason why you changed the header back to the Valentines Day header? I like this one too but the picture of the Ya-Ya-yah members smiling looking at pictures from the past was really sweet. By the way, I really love these headers you make, the pictures are very cute and the writing is deep and lovely. Is it possible for you to update your "previous header" section? (...) I'm just wondering it a possibility that this blog will go on hiatus some day soon? If you’re too busy I understand and that will be fine, and I am guessing that there’s going to be fewer things to write about, so well just wondering. -Kako

The reason I changed the header back to the one I made for Valentine's Day is that I have this maybe somewhat silly hope that Shoon might check this blog now and then, if only out of curiosity -he has the URL after all-, so I use the header to sort of 'send' him messages of encouragement, congratulations, worry... and love and admiration mostly. Right now I just want Shoon to know how much I love him, so that's why I'm using the Valentine's Day one again until I find the time to make a proper one that will convey the way I'm feeling right now. To those of you who are not members of the Shoon LJ community and haven't yet heard the 'news', Shoon's name was removed from the Hyakushiki site as well last week, he didn't appear in this week's Hyakushiki, and it doesn't look like he will be back, meaning, most likely, that he has truly left Johnny's Entertainment. I intend to make a long post about this, but first I need to sort some things out. However, I didn't want to worry any of you, so that's another reason why I'm making this post.

This has been a hard blow and I'm still feeling down, and in spite of my efforts, I still find myself crying at random moments like when I read the comments to my latest entry on the Shoon comm, the lovely, caring messages friends are sending me, and when I let my mind dwell on the events of the past days and on how empty the world seems right now and -ack, I'm starting to tear again. *wipes tears* BUT I'll be okay and I'm not going anywhere. No hiatus plans whatsoever. I've just said goodbye to Johnny's Entertainment, but I will continue blogging about Shoon and Ya-Ya-yah, continue working on the Shoon community, and sharing whatever I have to share. My biggest reason for staying, though are all the wonderful friends I've made, you, the people who follow this blog, and the members of the Shoon community. Talking to you all and keeping myself busy is helping me enormously to cope with this.

As for the headers you were asking for, Kako, I've uploaded the latest ones to the headers Flickr folder. Sorry I'm a bit slow on updating these things. Also, I only upload there the ones on which I've put some thought and work, so not all the headers I've used are there. In case you want the one you mentioned... there you go. I still need to add descriptions to some of them, but I will get to that when I'm feeling a bit better. Talk to you all in one or two days, I promise. *hugs*