April 08, 2010

Taiyô's 'photo debut' (2003)

山下翔央, Yamashita Shoon, Ya-Ya-yah
One whole month without Shoon. Still feels strange. So far my daily Google search has only resulted in a couple of Japanese girls randomly spotting him (and Reon) in the street, and mentioning it on their blogs. Otherwise, nothing. But then Shoon strikes me as a very private person, so I suppose it's unlikely that a pic of him in a birthday party or friend reunion will pop up on the blog of one of his friends as it has happened with Taiyô twice. But I'm sure he's just fine. :) Should have started his 4th and last year in university this month. Ganbatte, Shoon!

These days I'm busy with work, but on my spare time I'm also busy checking and searching for data for the 'Shoon history in Johnny's' series I'm posting at the Shoon LiveJournal community. I'm preparing a history of Ya-Ya-yah as well, and the other day I came across something curious.

There are some Japanese concepts that amuse me in the use they're given in the fandom, like 'graduation' and 'debut'. When a johnny stops appearing in Shounen Club, fans say he has 'graduated from Shokura'. Apparently it applies to any show, because Shoon's current profile in the Japanese Wikipedia says he 'graduated' from Hyakushiki in February. ... ??? O-kay. The concept of 'debut' is rather strange too since for instance a group may not debut (like Ya-Ya-yah), but they can have a 'CD debut'. Well, I just found myself smiling when, a few days ago, I was checking a 'biography' of Taiyô on a Japanese blog, and the blog owner had typed: "2003.07.25 Taiyô debuts in Hanamaru Cafe (only a polaroid photo of him)". LOL

I just had to find out what she meant by that, so I started searching for that show, high and low, and when I finally found it I thought it was so endearing I just had to share it with you all. So. Yamapi was a guest in the show, and he had brought several photos of things/people significant to him, and the host asks him to talk a bit about each. One of them was... a photo of Taiyô! (signed by him too! - Taiyô used to draw that tiny sun next to his signature) Thanks a gazillion to Yuu-chan (unvrknow@LJ), who kindly helped me with the translation of this clip! :D 2003.07.25 Hanamaru Cafe - Taiyo.avi (4MB - raw) (if you want the whole show, just ask)

To watch with the subs, when the video starts playing, click "pause". Then hover the mouse pointer over the video. Then click on "CC subtitles" at the top, and when you see "EN (English)" appear on the video screen, click on it and then click "play" again.

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