May 05, 2010

actor with a crush on Taiyô

山下翔央, Yamashita Shoon, Ya-Ya-yah
One of these days I'll have to change the header. For some reason I don't want to let go of this one, and I'm going through the same with the header of the Shoon community. *sigh*

Anyway, the subject of this entry is Taiyô again, and I must thank dreammyst@LJ for the heads up. It was thanks to her that I found out about the existence of this clip. I managed to find a raw, HQ version of it as well, lo and behold!, so I asked my partner in crime Yuu-chan (unvrknow@LJ) to help me with the translation, and she did an awesome job. :) Oh, and thanks also to Kako (kokokako_831@LJ) for helping with a line we were unsure of!

Sadly the Dailymotion clip doesn't show the colors I added for each person's speech with aegisub, so please do download the raw and subs. :) There's so many people speaking in this clip and they speak so fast! XD;;;

It's a 2005 clip from Zubari iu wa yo!, a show in which Takki used to be a regular. On this occasion the guest was Hagiwara Nagare (萩原流行), an actor who worked with Ya-Ya-yah in Stand by Me. :) During the interview, the hosts unveil statements about him on a board, and suddenly there comes a shocking one: "He's 50 but chases after an idol". Now, who would that idol be? XD

This entry is dedicated to all the Taiyô fans out there! :) Click here if you can't watch the clip below. Please do not re-post, and please do not upload this clip to YouTube or similar unless you make the video private.

2005.03.15 zubari iu wa yo - Taiyou.avi (24MB - 640x480) soft subs
(these soft subs are best viewed with Windows Media Player)

PS to Yuu-chan: I solved the 'Martian' mistery! Hagiwara was born in April, and according to astrology people born in April are under the influence of Mars. XD And the Zubari iu wa yo! lady is sort of a witch, so that's why she said that. About the cat thing, I think it should be the same as the English expression 'like the cat that got the cream', ne? :)

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