June 17, 2010

Shoon & Reon strike back!!!

I'm so excited right now that I'm actually trembling! All this time it seemed impossible to me that Shoon would disappear just like that, and I kept hoping. Shoon doesn't give up easily. ;) Guess what? Him and Reon have opened a website, The Flying Sheep's Cafe (so cute!) and a blog as well!! I wonder if this means they've signed up with another agency or something. It's very exciting all the same, and I feel so happy I could fly. And aren't they dreadfully handsome? :) Reon looks so grown up and Shoon is just... gah, I can't be coherent right now. My heart started thumping the moment I saw his pictures. ♥♥♥♥ I can't yet believe this is happening! お帰り翔央くん、お帰玲央くん! Welcome back, Shoon, welcome back, Reon!! ^______^

PS: Wonder why Reon has changed the first Kanji of his name. ^^

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