December 20, 2010

happy birthday, Shoon!

This is the longest we've been without news of you. How are you doing? And how's Reon? I wouldn't be surprised if he were a lot taller than you now. And how's university? Only a few months to graduate now, right? I wonder what will happen then. Whether you'll try to go back to the entertainment business again, or whether you'll try to find a job related to your university degree. You said you were closing the blog and website "for the time being" to focus on your studies, but so many things can change in about eight months... Look at Johnny's. Now there's a Johnny's Jr. site -with videos too!- and the Hyakushiki site now has a picture of Inocchi and the boys, and Johnny's is opening up to the foreign fans. Who would have said? All those things came too late for you and us, your fans, didn't they? Pity.

Back to you, much though I want to hear from you again, I would understand it if you decided to remain an anonymous citizen from now on, like most of us. Sometimes we settle for something we hadn't planned on because our expectations seem too hard to meet, or maybe we realize how much we enjoy something we never had the time for before, or that we are interested in exploring other possibilities. You're just 22 after all! My 22nd year of life was one of the best so far. I met many nice people, learned a lot of new things, had loads of fun, felt more alive than ever... Whatever you do, I hope it will be the same for you.

As the header says, not a day goes by that I don't think of you. You popped one day into my life, unexpectedly, slided silently into my heart... and you will always have a place there, a sunny, bright one. I wonder if you'll be curious enough to go online to see if we remembered your birthday and I hope that, when you see we haven't forgotten you, that beautiful smile of yours will touch your lips. Happy birthday, dear Shoon, be well.


追伸: 翔央くんがジャニーズ事務所を辞めたから、ファンレターをJFCに送れませんでした。なので、4月に岡本圭人くんにレター送りました。レターをあなたに手渡するように依頼しました。でも、彼はそのレターが届いたことは知りません。


私のことを覚えていますか。翔央くんのファン、スペインのイレアです。先回、日本人の友達は私の手紙を日本語に翻訳しました。今回彼女は忙しいですから、私は自分でこの手紙を書いています。 日本語はまだ下手ので、間違いがあったら許してください。 私は翔央くんがジャニーズ事務所を辞めたと聞いた時、とても悲しくなりました。 でもそれは翔央くんの決断でしたね。これからはどうなさるんですか?勉強に集中するんでしょうか。 違うタレント事務所に入所するんでしょうか。どんな事をしても、幸せな将来であることを願っています。
翔央くんがいなくなると、とても寂しくなります。でも、翔央くんは、私たちファンたちに9年分の笑顔を与えて下さいました。2010年1月21日は翔央くんのジャニーズ事務所入所9周年でしたね。私は翔央くんの一つ一つの笑顔を宝物にします。翔央くんのこと、忘れません。これからも翔央くんを尊敬します。私は翔央くんの勇気は言うまでもなく、翔央くんの力にも感嘆します。 何をしようとも、翔央くんは必ず成功します。
もう既に1600名以上の会員がいますよ!(1) すごいですね。私はこれからもブログを書き続けます。ブログを通して、翔央くんとYa-Ya-yahが忘れられないように努めますよ。コミュニティーも生かしておきますよ。



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