December 02, 2010

happy hatachi, Hikaru!!

Why is it that I ALWAYS forget the exact date of Hikaru's birthday? =_= Seriously, for some stupid reason my brain is convinced it's December 13th and not December 2nd and then every year it jumps on me and I have to hurry and conjure up a birthday post and header hastily. ^^;;; Though this time the header doesn't look too bad if I may say so. :p

It's been months since I last made a post here. Fandom-life feels strange now I'm pretty much out of the fandom. I hear people mentioning the new Johnny's calendars and it means nothing to me anymore. No excitement, no anticipation, no nothing. No sadness anymore either, but I wonder if it will ever stop feeling so weird. I suppose it's because I still have this fragile thread connecting me to it all.

I will always have warm memories of the years I was an active part of the JE fandom, as a fan and a blogger who updated regularly. I want to honour those memories, and I'm determined to squeeze Ya-Ya-yah and Shoon in between work and life, the two things that keep me so busy that I can't seem to find time for anything. *shakes fist*

And that includes not forgetting the birthdays of the Fantastic Four ;) ...even though I should be working right now... ahem XD;;; Hikaru is 20 already, lo and behold! I wish I had the time and inspiration to type a long, deep post, but as it is I'll just be content to say: Happy birthday, Hika, I keep you in my thoughts, carry you in my heart and wish you all the very best, ALWAYS.

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