January 31, 2011

happy b-day, Yabucchi!

Yabu's proverbial infectious smile
Yabu has the silliest smile ever, and I so love it! He has changed in many ways, all for the better, I think -like his acting has improved,  he's more relaxed and natural... and he's now all too aware of his sexyness for our own good-, but that silly, childish smile and the way his eyes 'shrink', like an old man's, when he smiles, haven't changed one bit, and I hope they never will. 

I have a tendency to almost always be negative, and now and then I catch myself engaging in gloomy thoughts, but eventually I manage to stop it and be more objective. One of such gloomy thoughts, since September 2007, is that every year that passes takes Yabu and Hikaru farther away from Ya-Ya-yah and more into JUMP. It's been three and a half years since Ya-Ya-yah was disbanded and JUMP born, and even though I'm glad to see Yabu and Hikaru happy and doing well, I can't help but think that -like SMAP, or V6- they'll continue to be in JUMP indefinitely. 

That's an obvious remark, I know, and I'm sure that's what Yabu and Hikaru are hoping for. What I mean is that in a few years they will have been members of JUMP longer than they were members of Ya-Ya-yah (5 years and a half in Yabu's case and 4 and a half in Hikaru's). I suppose you could say that it 'scares' me. Did I say I'm no good at accepting changes? Yeah, that's me. I guess I feel as though I'm 'losing' them, in a way. And I can't believe it, but my eyes are watering as I'm typing this. Am I sentimental or what? *is embarrased*

But then, the sensible side of me steps in, and reminds me that all of us will always treasure certain periods of our life, like childhood, even if they lasted only a few years... a few years that seem even shorter as we grow old and compare them, looking back, to the rest of the mounting years we've already lived and what lies ahead.

Yabu already said how important Ya-Ya-yah was, is and will always be for him, so I suppose I should lay my worries to sleep. In spite of that lovable, silly smile he is a wise guy. Did I mention he turns 21 today?  As we say in Spanish, may you live for many, many years, and may I be here to witness your success, Yabucchi.

P.S. to Yabu: What's this thing I read somewhere about you thinking of sharing an apartment or something with Takaki? Don't you know Shoon is the one for you? He'd take care of you like an older brother.

P.S. to readers: I'm saving the news about Taiyô's theatre play (for those who didn't hear, he landed a role in Tumbling 2!!) for another post because I've been busy and it deserves a post of its own, and hopefully I'll manage to gather some details.

P.S.2 to readers: Did you guys get a notification of my reply to your comments from the previous post? If you didn't, I'll go back to the LiveJournal comments system.

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January 20, 2011

a new START!

Today I finished doing 2 things I'd been wanting to do for a loooong time:
1) upgraded my blog design! YES! It was about time. I was clinging to my old blogger template - always afraid of changes, that's me. ^^; I knew this new one would make things easier for you and me, and it would be a lot neater and open up lots of exciting possibilities, but yeah, I wanted to be sure I wouldn't lose anything important in the template 'migration', so it took me a while. XD;;;

2) I FINALLY this is rather embarrassing actually ^^;;; got to editing the "about Ya-Ya-yah" section (see lovely tab at the top). It was kind of shameful that I hadn't edited it after Ya-Ya-yah's break up, so any newbie visiting this blog must have been very confused as to whether Ya-Ya-yah was still around or not. =_=||| But it was so depressing to edit it to say "Ya-Ya-yah no more" that I kept putting it off. I suppose I'm stronger now, especially thanks to Taiyô and Shoon's "comeback". Whether we hear from them again or not (though I very much hope we will), just knowing that they didn't give up on their dreams and tried to fight for them makes me stand by what I believed all along: that the 'Fantastic Four' are really the 'Fantastic Four' and that keeping the memory of Ya-Ya-yah alive is absolutely worth the effort. :)

January 18, 2011

let the SUNshine in

The sky is grey and cloudy over here , threatening rain , but for me it's a sunny day because today our dear Taiyô turns 20! Waaah! Ya-Ya-yah's youngest member is 20 already! I feel so old!   And this one is a very happy birthday indeed, with something big to celebrate: Taiyô's "return", maybe, to the entertainment world. I typed "return" like that, with quotation marks, and added a "maybe" because I want to be cautious about it as it's too soon to say.

On January 2nd I received an e-mail from a friend, who had heard from another friend that Taiyô had appeared in a TV show the day before. What an awesome piece of news to start the year!   I was so excited!! So I looked for more info on the Net and it was true, Taiyô had made an appearance as a sort of co-presenter in an environment-related documentary called 蒼い地球5  (Blue Earth 5) that had aired on TV Tokyo the day before, January 1st.