February 26, 2011

Fine points this week....

After surprising us (again) by appearing with his fellow cast members on a picture posted by Tumbling's official Twitter account (views are now more than 5,000!), Taiyo has become the topic of blog posts and discussions recently. The day after, CyzoWoman posted an article about him, which quickly spread as most bloggers copied\quoted the article. It summarized some points during Taiyo's break; from the rumor that he was under Stardust Promotion as a model in 2008, being the President of the Student Council at Horikoshi, his unexpected appearance at Nakama Yukie's environmental program on New Year's Day, and now, his 'comeback'.

It was also mentioned that he could be the next Motoki Masahiro (formerly of Shibugakitai, starred in the internationally-acclaimed Okuribito) and Sorimachi Takashi (of Great Teacher Onizuka fame) , both were formerly from J.E., and left to pursue an acting career. There was also a mention of Shoon (perfect match after all!), and his short comeback last year.

Currently at 1st place.

As we do not still have any official news from his agency, fans are still speculating, and assuming that it is Production Ogi (notable talents include Nakama Yukie, no3b from AKB48, Aqua Timez, et.al.). I can't remember seeing this space when I first visited the site after receiving news of his TV appearance last January 1, but then, I told my friends what they think of it. Is OgiPro playing a game with us?
What's that mysterious space for? If it's not OgiPro, then, that agency just did a very good job of backing up Taiyo during the first months of his comeback. Things are getting exciting, no? OgiPro or not, Taiyo has our support.

Remember a picture of Taiyo playing shogi with Fukka? (the board was so tiny, I know. XD) He could probably be behind the planning of his career as well. Careful, strategical and brilliant (like when he was playing the giant JENGA), that's Taiyo.

About Shoon, most of you have heard about him being spotted in Taiwan. We're still not sure if he has already returned to Japan. His university has posted schedules for the graduating batch this year, and this one includes the Faculty of Law. If you'll read until the end, there's something interesting (or is it just me? 'Cause I've never heard of something like it.) Hint: Mark your calendars, set your clocks at JST, and make sure you won't be having problems with your connection.

I don't really have so much to offer, but we have a Twitter account if you have questions or anything to share. ( ´∀`)

*edit* mmseeker, has kindly translated the whole article and you can read it here


February 20, 2011

Even the Sun shines at night

Hi. I'm Axel A., and I'll be co-blogging with Irea for an indefinite time. I just dropped by to share something that just came up less than an hour ago:

Finally, Tumbling2's official Twitter account posted a tweet with a picture of the cast, including our dear Taiyo.

For some reason, the first tweet was deleted, including the picture's link, so the picture above was just a screencap from how it appeared at Echofon (my Twitter application of choice). I wasn't able to take a screencap from the official Twitter account page, thinking it won't get deleted. I checked the link of the picture, thank God, it still works. I just wonder why they have to delete the original tweet. (´-`)

E.T.A.: The first tweet is there again, same content.

So maybe while the picture is still there, save it. XD (available on full size too!)

As of now, Taiyo's agency is still unknown, but it's nice that we are given a glimpse of him while waiting for him conquer a new world.

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