February 20, 2011

Even the Sun shines at night

Hi. I'm Axel A., and I'll be co-blogging with Irea for an indefinite time. I just dropped by to share something that just came up less than an hour ago:

Finally, Tumbling2's official Twitter account posted a tweet with a picture of the cast, including our dear Taiyo.

For some reason, the first tweet was deleted, including the picture's link, so the picture above was just a screencap from how it appeared at Echofon (my Twitter application of choice). I wasn't able to take a screencap from the official Twitter account page, thinking it won't get deleted. I checked the link of the picture, thank God, it still works. I just wonder why they have to delete the original tweet. (´-`)

E.T.A.: The first tweet is there again, same content.

So maybe while the picture is still there, save it. XD (available on full size too!)

As of now, Taiyo's agency is still unknown, but it's nice that we are given a glimpse of him while waiting for him conquer a new world.

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Cristina said...

Dearest Axel *giggles*

welcome!! I'm really excited to see your first post on OUR blog. ^___^ Here's hoping for many more.


Twyla24 said...

OMG! Taiyo! *screammmmmmmmmm!* the tweet with the pic is still there ^_^
thanks Axel!

K said...

i grinned so hard. looks like i'm going to have to watch the play, no matter what!

Cristina said...

thanks for your comment on Axel's behalf. :)

@K: Hi! If you go it would be awesome if you wrote a report and shared it here!


flo said...

thank you so much Axel!!!
what a nice pic.. Taiyo looks so different, but i 'm happy he's fine.. ^^

@K : ee?? me too.. i really want to go, but i can't.. i didn't have permission from my parents.. T^T
ah, if you really go, please give Taiyo my best regards.. LOL..(amd, i'll be wait for the report,ofc ^^)

ah, Taiyo really made me crazy.. i wanna see him personally.. uwaaa..