March 27, 2011

the ultimate treason

Sometimes I wonder if it will ever truly stop hurting. I don't like seeing B.I.Shadow wearing Ya-Ya-yah outfits, nor other juniors singing their songs, nor -needless to say- NYC singing Yuuki 100%, but I've refrained all this time from commenting on that because I know many people are tired of hearing such things and the 'I miss Ya-Ya-yah' refrain.

However, I'm so stupid that I keep expecting 'something' from JE. The 10th anniversary Shounen Club was the ultimate treason. I kept telling myself not to expect much from it, but I thought somewhere, even in the background of some old clip, maybe, they'd at least let us spot Taiyô and Shoon briefly. Heck, I actually expected there would be some Ya-Ya-yah remembrance. Ya-Ya-yah was an important part of SC from 2002 to 2007. That's 6 years out of 10. Not enough to grant them a few seconds? They showed a J.J.Express clip.

Amazingly enough you can see Kamei Taku there, who disappeared from Johnny's after the purikura thingy with his Kinpachi Sensei girlfriend and was later rumoured to be one of the two ex-Johnny's Jr. arrested for theft at an Internet cafe in December of 2009. It's a wonder they didn't pixelate his face or something. Remember when, after the Kusano scandal, they ran their scissors upon an SC episode to make a Kusano-free director's cut? I suppose they just were unable to find a JJE clip without both Kamei and Asaka, or they were just lazy and decided: 'this one will do'.

Why not a Ya-Ya-yah clip too? No, they had to use two YabuHika clips with no Taiyô or Shoon. They got lucky too. There was a 2007 July clip of them singing Itoshi no Playgirl.

At first I wondered: '2007 July? Itoshi no Playgirl? Why weren't Taiyô and Shoon there?', and then remembered that in 2007 the July and August episodes were a bit different from usual. The July episodes were filmed in Osaka with Yabu and Hikaru as Kantô representatives, and the August episodes were Kansai-centric as well though filmed in Tokyo with Taiyô and Shoon as MC supporters.

March 25, 2011

Taiyô in URAKARA

I'm sure the HD version will be up soon, and I'm hoping for a flaily, fangirly, in-depth analysis of Taiyô's acting from AXEL (say yes? ), but in the meantime, here's today's URAKARA episode for the impatient. ;) Credits to marchonsvite5. 2011.03.25 Urakara - episode 10.avi (190MB) (password: sun) Enjoy! edit: HD file of both full episode and only Taiyô's part can be found here (scroll down to the middle of the post).

翔央くんへ、 大学ご卒業おめでとうございます! これからも頑張って下さい。いつでも応援します。 (congrats to Shoon on his graduation! ^__^)

March 19, 2011

Japan's catastrophe, and Taiyo update

A friend told me about the debate going on regarding the reaction of fans and people in general after the earthquake, but I'm more concerned about the way the foreign media is treating this catastrophe.

I myself got really, really scared for my friends living in Japan and yes, for my four favourite idols and their families too, when I checked the news on the Internet on March 11th first thing in the morning and found out about the huge earthquake, and the tsunami that devastated the northeast coast. The first thing I thought was: 'the tsunami hit Sendai... oh, God, Hikaru's hometown...', and my heart went out to him. Not because Hikaru and his family are more important than all the other people from Sendai and the other affected areas, but simply because that's the most immediate connotation the name has for me: Sendai=Hikaru's hometown.

And then, the news had just broken out and everything was very confusing. It was not clear exactly which areas had been affected by the quake and, as it was reported to have been an 8.9 (later revised to 9) magnitude quake (you don't need to be an expert in geology to know how huge that is), so for the first few hours I was truly frightened for my friends and the fantastic four in Tokyo. Later I learned that Tokyo had been hardly damaged, so (after getting confirmation from my friends that they were okay) I assumed Yabu, Taiyô, Hikaru and Shoon should be safe too.

My point is that I think there's nothing wrong with (and no reason to be ashamed for) worrying about your idols' safety. After all, I cried when Ya-Ya-yah broke up, and when Shoon stopped appearing in SC, and then when he left Johnny's, so all the more reason to worry about them in those first hours of confusion after the catastrophe. [And seeing the way the situation has evolved, and the potential - emphasis on potential - risks posed by the nuclear plant at Fukushima, there's reason for worrying for everybody in Japan.]

March 10, 2011

Oh~ Y-A-Y

Hi this is Ax. This is another Kinpachi Final SP-related post. Posting because of a.) for posterity's sake; b.) its relevance and significance; c.) YAY!. (o ̄∇ ̄)o!! Maybe some\most of you have heard of the good news or have seen that gem of a picture with our beloved Kinpachi 7 troika together with their 'classmates' (Kinda late because I had to deal with some srs bsnz.), but we're not stopping without a little analysis. And I have a little bonus for you as well (at the end of this post).

To be honest, even if I was really hopeful, there's just a little fraction of doubt as to whether it was going to happen. Just as when I was about to abandon all hope (with 'Lasciate ogne speranza.....' in my head) and focus all the positivity on Taiyo's URAKARA guesting, something came up to tell me, "It isn't like you at all. Surprise!"

The other day, while I was doing my daily rounds of looking up new info on our very own tea pilgrim, I came across this url, but I can not log-in with my Sina account because I forgot my password (add my slightly poor visual acuity), so I informed Irea and asked her if she has a Sina account by chance. Fortunately, she has, and she was able to log-in successfully.

According to the Chinese blogger who posted the picture, it was Ishida Miku (the girl in white at the bottom left) who blogged about the reunion of their class (Season 7). The picture was part of an original entry, which Miku later edited, then, after deleting the said pic, she posted two cropped versions- obviously without YAY.

March 07, 2011

Taiyô in Kinpachi Sensei finale!

Awesome news! Taiyô will make a guest appearance in the Kinpachi Sensei finale that will air on March 27th on TBS, with a 4 hour duration!!! The Kinpachi Sensei site was updated today with a link that says "出演OB発表!". That is "OB cast announced". I had no idea what OB is (I hate acronyms, I swear) so I checked the always useful Wikipedia, and it seems that in Japanese OB stands for "old boys" (i.e. male graduates) . It should say "OB&OG" (OG stands for "old girls" (i.e. female graduates)), but I suppose the link just says "OB" for space/brevity reasons.

That link leads you to another section with the full update. At the top of the text it says: "出演する卒業生は以下の通り。(表記はカッコ内の役名の50音順です)" [graduates to appear as follows (listed in syllabary order)]. Right below there's a partial list of 152 graduates from previous seasons, and Taiyô's name happens to be there, right next to Yabu's, and alongside with Hikaru's as well.

Tokyograph made a post  yesterday that seems to point in the same direction, with the header "
151 graduates return for Kinpachi Sensei finale". They quote the Sports Hochi newspaper saying that the confirmed cast includes Yabu, Hikaru, and Fukuda Saki from season 7. I imagine the 152 names listed on the Kinpachi official site could be those 151  + 1 included in the last moment?

March 06, 2011

Taiyô to guest in a drama

Taiyô is indeed keeping himself busy these days. Axel, who can sniff and track down Taiyô news like a bloodhound, before anybody else does, shared this piece of breaking news with me last night, but she's currently without an Internet connection, so she asked me to pass the news to you on her behalf.

The news is that, according to TV Station, Taiyô is going to make a guest appearance in a drama called URAKARA on TV Tokyo on March 18th, Friday (0:12~0:53 Japan time)

Even better knews is that hopefully we will be able to watch it, as the drama is being uploaded and posted at D-Addicts. And we might get English subs as well because somebody at D-Addicts started subbing the drama too.

So anyway, what's URAKARA about? *shameless copy-paste from Wikipedia's article*
URAKARA is a Japanese television drama series from TV Tokyo, first shown in Japan from 14 January 2011. The drama revolves around five characters played by the members of popular South Korean girl group Kara. The members of Kara act as five girls (each with the same name as their real-life selves) who are given missions related to love. */end of shameless copy-paste*

There are pictures of the guest stars (i.e. the 'target' guys the Kara girls help in each episode), on the cast section of the drama's site, and the last two (#9) will be guests on next week's episode... so it looks like Taiyô will be up next~!! Can't wait to see his pic and name there!

Here's a little CM of the drama straight out of YouTube. Looking forward to Taiyô's episode, and here's hoping Shoon will soon follow in Taiyô's steps so we can see him on TV too. (If you'd like to learn about Shoon's latest news, please head to the Shoon&Reon LJ community)

PS: The drama's got a Twitter account too, and I'm sure you and Axel will love the background design as much as I do.

PS2: Please leave a comment thanking Axel for the info as she's the one who found this out. ;)

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