March 07, 2011

Taiyô in Kinpachi Sensei finale!

Awesome news! Taiyô will make a guest appearance in the Kinpachi Sensei finale that will air on March 27th on TBS, with a 4 hour duration!!! The Kinpachi Sensei site was updated today with a link that says "出演OB発表!". That is "OB cast announced". I had no idea what OB is (I hate acronyms, I swear) so I checked the always useful Wikipedia, and it seems that in Japanese OB stands for "old boys" (i.e. male graduates) . It should say "OB&OG" (OG stands for "old girls" (i.e. female graduates)), but I suppose the link just says "OB" for space/brevity reasons.

That link leads you to another section with the full update. At the top of the text it says: "出演する卒業生は以下の通り。(表記はカッコ内の役名の50音順です)" [graduates to appear as follows (listed in syllabary order)]. Right below there's a partial list of 152 graduates from previous seasons, and Taiyô's name happens to be there, right next to Yabu's, and alongside with Hikaru's as well.

Tokyograph made a post  yesterday that seems to point in the same direction, with the header "
151 graduates return for Kinpachi Sensei finale". They quote the Sports Hochi newspaper saying that the confirmed cast includes Yabu, Hikaru, and Fukuda Saki from season 7. I imagine the 152 names listed on the Kinpachi official site could be those 151  + 1 included in the last moment?

If you do the sum of all the numbers on the right bottom corner (circled in red in my screencap below), 17+22+21+18+27+27+20, you get a total of 152 people. The Kinpachi Sensei official site says "over 150 graduates" but  probably because, as luma_chan pointed out, a round number sounds better than "152". Tokyograph quotes a Japanese newspaper saying it's "151" (actually all the online newspapers I've checked say "151"), but in my opinion that could be because TBS released the info to the press with that number, and in the last minute added an actor/actress who  had been unsure as to whether s/he would be able to fit that guest appearance in his/her schedule. That last minute person doesn't necessarily  have to be Taiyô, of course; could be anyone.

Probably he will just appear a few seconds in a final group scene with all the other graduates, and Yabu, Hikaru and the other JE boys will be the ones given lines, but it would be awesome to see Yabu, Taiyo and Hikaru together onscreen again. At this point I don't even care if they don't interact. I want one picture with the three onscreen together.

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