March 06, 2011

Taiyô to guest in a drama

Taiyô is indeed keeping himself busy these days. Axel, who can sniff and track down Taiyô news like a bloodhound, before anybody else does, shared this piece of breaking news with me last night, but she's currently without an Internet connection, so she asked me to pass the news to you on her behalf.

The news is that, according to TV Station, Taiyô is going to make a guest appearance in a drama called URAKARA on TV Tokyo on March 18th, Friday (0:12~0:53 Japan time)

Even better knews is that hopefully we will be able to watch it, as the drama is being uploaded and posted at D-Addicts. And we might get English subs as well because somebody at D-Addicts started subbing the drama too.

So anyway, what's URAKARA about? *shameless copy-paste from Wikipedia's article*
URAKARA is a Japanese television drama series from TV Tokyo, first shown in Japan from 14 January 2011. The drama revolves around five characters played by the members of popular South Korean girl group Kara. The members of Kara act as five girls (each with the same name as their real-life selves) who are given missions related to love. */end of shameless copy-paste*

There are pictures of the guest stars (i.e. the 'target' guys the Kara girls help in each episode), on the cast section of the drama's site, and the last two (#9) will be guests on next week's episode... so it looks like Taiyô will be up next~!! Can't wait to see his pic and name there!

Here's a little CM of the drama straight out of YouTube. Looking forward to Taiyô's episode, and here's hoping Shoon will soon follow in Taiyô's steps so we can see him on TV too. (If you'd like to learn about Shoon's latest news, please head to the Shoon&Reon LJ community)

PS: The drama's got a Twitter account too, and I'm sure you and Axel will love the background design as much as I do.

PS2: Please leave a comment thanking Axel for the info as she's the one who found this out. ;)

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