March 27, 2011

the ultimate treason

Sometimes I wonder if it will ever truly stop hurting. I don't like seeing B.I.Shadow wearing Ya-Ya-yah outfits, nor other juniors singing their songs, nor -needless to say- NYC singing Yuuki 100%, but I've refrained all this time from commenting on that because I know many people are tired of hearing such things and the 'I miss Ya-Ya-yah' refrain.

However, I'm so stupid that I keep expecting 'something' from JE. The 10th anniversary Shounen Club was the ultimate treason. I kept telling myself not to expect much from it, but I thought somewhere, even in the background of some old clip, maybe, they'd at least let us spot Taiyô and Shoon briefly. Heck, I actually expected there would be some Ya-Ya-yah remembrance. Ya-Ya-yah was an important part of SC from 2002 to 2007. That's 6 years out of 10. Not enough to grant them a few seconds? They showed a J.J.Express clip.

Amazingly enough you can see Kamei Taku there, who disappeared from Johnny's after the purikura thingy with his Kinpachi Sensei girlfriend and was later rumoured to be one of the two ex-Johnny's Jr. arrested for theft at an Internet cafe in December of 2009. It's a wonder they didn't pixelate his face or something. Remember when, after the Kusano scandal, they ran their scissors upon an SC episode to make a Kusano-free director's cut? I suppose they just were unable to find a JJE clip without both Kamei and Asaka, or they were just lazy and decided: 'this one will do'.

Why not a Ya-Ya-yah clip too? No, they had to use two YabuHika clips with no Taiyô or Shoon. They got lucky too. There was a 2007 July clip of them singing Itoshi no Playgirl.

At first I wondered: '2007 July? Itoshi no Playgirl? Why weren't Taiyô and Shoon there?', and then remembered that in 2007 the July and August episodes were a bit different from usual. The July episodes were filmed in Osaka with Yabu and Hikaru as Kantô representatives, and the August episodes were Kansai-centric as well though filmed in Tokyo with Taiyô and Shoon as MC supporters.

It's disturbing how, years afterwards, I find myself noticing what, looking back now, seem clear signs of what was to come (Ya-Ya-yah's disbandment and the HSJ creation and debut). Or maybe it's joining the dots what leads to a disturbing picture that shows that JE was carefully preparing everything. Or maybe I'm somewhat paranoid? I don't know.

Back in July of 2007 I didn't think much of this. I just thought that in July Yabu and Hikaru were going to appear in Takizawa's Enbujou, so they and the other Kantô juniors (minus Taiyô and Shoon, as always) were probably busy rehearsing and stuff, so they filmed the July episodes in advance, and since Taiyô and Shoon were free in July they counted on them for filming the August episodes in advance as well.

Now I can't help but wonder if this was part of the plan: separating them slowly, like they did in the last episodes of the Ya-Ya-yah show in which they were invariably paired up like that: Yabu-Hika/Taiyô-Shoon, and made reports and even episodes separately.

I know this doesn't really lead anywhere, but I needed to vent because it hurt so bad to watch that 10th anniversary special yesterday. -.- Ya-Ya-yah is one of the best things JE has ever produced, and it pains me that they now try to make it seem as if Ya-Ya-yah never happened.

On a happier note, the HD version of the URAKARA episode in which Taiyô made a guest appearance last week is out!! ^0^ My friend Tina tells me there's a .ts version (1440x1088) on JPopsuki, and I'd completely forgotten to check there, but I downloaded the 1280x720 available at D-Addicts, and I think I'll do with that one 'cause I'm hoping for subs, and that's the version from which the softsubs will be made, I think. Anyway, I re-uploaded the episode to MediaFire for those of you who can't download torrents, and also cut Taiyô's part for those who are interested just in that part. I also uploaded that to Dailymotion for those who'd like to watch it online. :)

Note: join files with hjsplit. Credits: furransu@D-Addicts.

2011.03.25 Urakara ep10 - Taiyou part.avi (1280x720) .001 [password: sun] .002

Note: .mkv files can be watched with VLC media player.

2011.03.25 Urakara ep10.mkv (1280x720) .001 [password: sun] .002 .003 .004

And today's a big day... the day of the Kinpachi Sensei finale! Can't wait to watch it! :) For now I'll just share with you a few pics I found online. Taiyô and Hika are sitting next to each other... *squee!* I hope Yabu is not sitting far from them. ^3^




I found a couple of pics that were shown on Hanamaru Market. One has Yabu, Hikaru and Taiyô, though sadly the three are apart. The other one is too blurry, but I think I spot Hikaru (with a blue piece of clothing) and Taiyô on the top left.



Anonymous said...

you're really big fan of yayayah.
im really happy for that. they still have fans now even if no yayayah anymore but they are in our hearts and memories.
i wished to see Taiyo again since he disappeared and my wish come true. i never thought he will come back.
and Shoon, he is a great dancer and actor. i hope he will appear again to be an actor or everything to make me know he's ok and happy.

masochism said...

i agree.
i hope they come back soon. i miss them so much. T_____T

Thennary Nak said...

I've been meaning to respond to this entree for a while so I'm sorry for the late comment.

Honestly I think I would have been more surprised to have seen them use a clip with either Taiyo or Shoon for the episode. They have now become competition and unlike JJE they do have footage of just Yabu and Hikaru together so they probably thought there was no point on giving them screen time if they aren't with Johnny's anymore. Which may sound harsh but I don't think producers get attached to the boys like fans do. And in a way it makes me glad to think that it means that Taiyo and Shoon will be continuing their careers (since I have hope in Shoon's return) and Johnny's can't stop them.

I do think that there was planning for HSJ at least months in advance. Even if the boys were left in the dark I don't think the ones that debut are chosen at the last minute. You can see this even back around NEWS' debut where, IIRC, the August episodes of SC Masuda and Tegoshi are suddenly singing with mics and even get a duet even though they had only been back dancers before. And then there was K.K.K.ity singing an English version of NEWS Nipppon (titled something else though) as well. So probably the big shocker with that debut would have been that Yamapi was the only member of 4Tops to debut. Then looking at the August episode before HSJ's debut announcement you had Keito suddenly brought out and given some focus and of course there was the Hey! Say! 7 single that did really well beforehand so looking back it seems pretty apparent that things were being planned and ramped up for those two debuts. I'm sure if we get another FIVB volleyball debut this year the couple of months before it will have hints of who will debut this time around.

Honestly I don't think I mind B.I.Shadow using Ya-Ya-Yah costumes as I have come to think of them as the next group that will share their fate. Just like 4Tops and Yax3 I think BIS will also be broken up by a debut so it almost seems fitting that they are wearing the costumes of a group that suffered the same thing. Which probably sounds horribly pessimistic of me but I just don't want my heart broken with the next debut, so using those costumes as a reminder of what will most likely happen helps me remember not to get too attached to the group even though I like all the members.

Anonymous said...

actually, 1st time i saw BIS wear Ya-Ya-yah costumes, i felt my heart beoame 'THUMP!' like that, i thought, "why they should wear Ya-Ya-yah costumes (minus Taiyo's) but, when i think about it again, BIS have the same fate as Ya-Ya-yah, so i think, maybe it's okay (even i'm not completely felt that it was ok, LOL)

anyway, may i ask you, why asaka left Johnny's?
and, who was the 2 ex-Johnny's who were arrested? (actually i didn't really follow any JE Junior group except Ya-Ya-yah and Hey!Say!7 before) thanks ^^