June 18, 2011

a back-to-back post!!

Hello~ this is A, and I have something wonderful to share since it's been quite a while when I last showed up here and posted something. This post is somewhat special because it's a back-to-back post, meaning Irea and I have Taiyo and Shoon (and Leon) news for you. (:

S before T, ok? XD [Irea: you're too kind! XD]

I believe some of you might have already read her post at the Shoon&Reon community at LJ, but for those who haven't yet...

Shoon and Leon re-opened their blog on June 6th, and it seems more and more evident that they're back to stay. Remember last year we speculated with the possibility that they might have signed up with Sky Corporation? Their names don't show up on their site and there has been no official announcement, but everything seems to point in that direction:
1) Just like last year, last week they took part in the Yumenoshima marathon and related events (like the charity auction), teaming up with several Sky Corp. talents.
2) The tag on their t-shirts read: 「スカイ Star's」 ('Sky Star's' - Japlish for the win ^_~). Conspicuous much? XD

3) A few days before they re-opened their blog, Shoon was mentioned by Hiroyoshi Kozaki, lead vocalist of the indie band One Truth Only, in his blog. The post said Shoon had visited their studio to record a cover of one of their songs, 「ユメノカケラ」 (Yume no Kakera). Hiroyoshi Kozaki does not appear listed in the Sky Corporation's site either, but he too took part in the marathon with the 'Sky Star's' tag, and ran in Shoon and Leon's team.
4) This week Shoon&Leon have been guests in a radio show hosted by Hoshi Hitomi, who IS a Sky Corporation talent, and took part in the marathon as well. The show had One Truth Only as guests too, and they are airing Shoon's cover of 'Yume no kakera'.
Probably, just like Taiyô's case, they're treading carefully and testing the waters before making it public that they have signed under this agency.

Excited much? Here's more.

It's been half a year since Taiyo reappeared, not without us fans wondering about where agency he now belongs. Since he appeared with Nakama Yukie in Blue Earth 5, Japanese fans speculated that he's under Ogi Production, the fact that Nakama is one of the notable talents in the agency. (Remember this entry?) Another lead was URAKARA, where Ishiguro Hideo, who also hails from OgiPro appeared on Episode 11. Sounds like there's a talent appearance line-up, no?

As for Tumbling vol.2, there was some sort of an invitation from Ogipro in the leaflets according to some fans, which led us to thinking that it could really possibly be OgiPro after all. Visit the official homepage and still, there's no confirmation or statement yet. But then, from out of the blue, it's the colleagues who gave away some sort of an unofficial confirmation that Taiyo now belongs to OgiPro. (Just like what we thought, no?)

From Moriyama Eiji's blog, dated 15.06.2011 (mentioned as 'colleague in the agency')
From Isaka Tatsuya's blog, dated 15.06.2011 (mentioned 'in the birthday party of the company president') [read: the company president. 8D What do you think of that?]

Now what's with Shoon and Taiyo appearing in blogs of their colleagues? This kind of approach leaves so much room for anticipation, probably with a go signal from their managements. You can imagine just how excited we are, after all the waiting these past years. It's nice to know that they are supported by their fellow talents. Doesn't that mean so much to us too? Backing up Shoon, Leon & Taiyo means that they believe in these guys, and that their agencies have great plans for them in the near future.

For those who are following the Twitter account, you might've come across several links, RT's, etc. regarding Tumbling vol.2 and 'Spot-the-Taiyo' pictures in cast members' blogs. Here they are, for your convenience (with some I have forgotten to include):

Suda Masaki
2011.05.02 → 笑たわ~泣いたわ~学んだわ~
2011.05.23 → 千秋楽
2011.05.25 → 名古屋名物はなんじゃろ
2011.05.27 → ぷくぷくシールだそうです

Chiba Yudai
2011.05.23 → 東京千秋楽
2011.06.02 → ぽけーっとしながら
2011.06.06 → 大阪千秋楽

Kamakari Kenta
2011.05.23 → 東京楽!
2011.05.30 → 名古屋りんぐ♪
2011.06.07 → 青春☆

Mizuta Kouki
2011.05.24 → 気持ち!
2011.05.27 → 名古屋上陸☆
2011.06.03 → 大阪!!
2011.06.07 → 本気と書いてマジと読む(笑)

Rachi Shinji
2011.05.23 →タンブリング

Daito Shunsuke
2011.05.04 → 緑のマットに帰ってきた!

Uema Mio
2011.05.04 → 港町純情オセロ

From De-View → 舞台『タンブリング vol.2』に行ってきました~!!
From LMaga → イケメン日本代表が、神戸に集結!

Thank you for reading and we'd love to hear from you.



Anonymous said...

thank you so much about news and links.
this is only one way to find some news about them.
you're really good at searching.

ruchorom said...

Thanks for the news and links~ happy to see Taiyou in those photos *u*

By the way, do you know where we can listen to Shoon's cover of 'Yume no kakera'? Thanks ^^