July 27, 2011

Akama Naoya is back too!!!

Stupid LiveJournal is down, and I shouldn't be making a post right now, but this is big news, and I just learned about this, and I'm very happy and excited.

A Japanese friend posted a picture and linked a blog entry on my Twitter list yesterday, and while the pic was really funny, I didn't know what that was all about, and I just dismissed it. Today though, checking for something else, I came across the news on a Japanese blog: Akama Naoya is back.

Only now his name is not Akama Naoya. He changed it to Kumano Naoya (熊野直哉). Apparently he's working for the same agency as Asaka Kodai, A-Team, in a sub-group called A-Light, and he has an Ameba blog, in which he made an introductory post I still need to read fully, and a YouTube account. You can find his profile on the Japanese Wikipedia as well.

Now we only need Hoshino to come back and we'll have all of the old Ya-Ya-yah members back in the entertainment business. ;) Taiyô came back in January, Shoon in June, Naoya now in July... Hoshino, it's your turn! :D Awww... I want a Ya-Ya-yah reunion!! ^3^


I will add a post on our LiveJournal account as soon as LJ is back. :(