March 24, 2006


Sólo una entrada cortita para decir que ya están listas la sección de enlaces y la de vídeos. :-)
Just a short entry to say that the links and videos sections are open now. :-)


Meloenchen said...

I forgot yesterday, I just want to say thank you!^__^

I can tell you I download like crazy. Ricci an I are in a Ya3 mania right now and watching lot of Ya3 shows. So we are really happy that you upload some shows.

I took a look in your request section and was really surprised by the amount of Ya3 stuff you have. My respect.
Since when are you a Ya-Ya-yah fan?

Oh, and my favourite member is Yaotome Hikaru. First I liked just Yabu, but now I like Hikaru more.

And now should stop spamming you. ^^;;

Alexiel said...

Caray, un blog en español sobre Ya-Ya-yah, cómo avanza el mundo, xD.

¿Eres española? Yo sí, de Pontevedra. Por la forma de escribir me parece que eres española, pero a lo mejor me equivoco ^^

MIKA said...

Your site is very very gooooood!!
i like this so much!!^^
thank you for the all the videos!!

bye bye ^^

Anonymous said...

omg...nooo Shoon dyed his hair ;-;
he looked much better with balck hair, this will take while to get used to.