October 27, 2007

so many memories

The last episode of the Ya-Ya-yah show airs today in Japan, but we won’t be able to watch it until Fiona uploads it to her clubbox —probably on Wednesday or Thursday. Perhaps, with a little luck, smileyuya will upload it to her YouTube account like she did with the last onigokko. Either way... the last episode of the Ya-Ya-yah show... How weird that sounds.

Has it ever happened to you, when you’re on the last chapter of a good book, that you don’t want it to end? That’s the way I’m feeling now the Ya-Ya-yah show is coming to its end. Then, when you close the book, when there are no more pages to read, you start feeling melancholic, like you do when you have to go back home at the end of a journey you’ve enjoyed.

However, what’s a fan to do? It’s not like we have any say in this, do we? Nope, TV Tokyo announced some weeks ago that the show was ending today, and so the show ends today. They’ll still let fans submit comments at the show’s BBS today, and I’ve posted one. It sucks of course that as a foreigner you can’t say “I’ve watched each and every show —several times in fact— and I LOVE it”, so I just wrote:

[I love Ya-Ya-yah, so today is a very sad day. However, I’ll always support Ya-Ya-yah. Shoon, Taiyô, Hikaru, Yabu... please keep it up! Thanks so so much for the great memories.]

I don’t know if it will be posted, because they don’t post all the comments submitted, and I don’t know if Ya-Ya-yah read those comments, but I just felt the need to do it. I wonder what will happen with the site when Hi! Hey! Say! begins. Will the Ya-Ya-yah site become a Hi! Hey! Say! site? Will they delete the BBS, and the show’s diary and all the other Ya-Ya-yah-related contents? I hope not.

And speaking of things I don’t want to happen... there are two other things that I don’t want to happen. Again, they are beyond my control, but it would hurt a lot if they happened:

1) I don’t want other juniors to wear the Sgt. Pepper outfits. EVER. Those outfits are part of Ya-Ya-yah’s history, they belong to Ya-Ya-yah and Ya-Ya-yah only. If there’s no chance of Ya-Ya-yah rejoining some time in the future —yes, I have that hope—, please put them in a Johnny’s Museum. Mr.K., you know that would be a good way of making money. *nudge, nudge* People would pay to see Johnny’s memorabilia. =D
2) I don’t want HSJ or even HSB to sing Ya-Ya-yah’s songs. I do want Yabu and Hikaru to keep on singing their solos though —and I’m hoping they’ll have more solos, or even duets in the future. The fact that they’ll be singing Arashi no Carnival and Gentles on the November SC is one of the few reasons I’m “looking forward” to that SC. The other reasons are seeing Shoon, and knowing who will be the additional member in the dance unit Takki created for his project thingie. I was anxious for Shoon, but I’m much relieved after reading a report from a Shoon fan who attended the SC recording. She says that whenever the camera focused on him, he smiled. That, being hopeful, might mean that Taiyô and him still have a place in JE. It might also mean that he’s really strong and has accepted all that is happening, which would make me admire him even more. Or it could also mean that he has felt the fans support in the last year, and is doing his best for them. About the Takki project... I don’t know if I’d like Shoon to be that additional member or not, or if that is even likely to happen. I mean... Shoon hasn’t taken part in Takki’s Enbujô, and even if Takki chose him for his dance unit... Shoon is an amazing dancer, but I’d like him to do more than dance. Sure that might bring other chances for him, but... Oh, well, we’ll have to wait and see.

Anyway, back to topic... the end of the Ya-Ya-yah show. *grimaces* No, I don’t want it to end, but it’s ending, and while I see the people around me moving on, I just can’t. Some tell me to give HSJ a chance. Well, I’m sorry, I don’t have the heart to, and honestly, it’s like telling somebody whose partner has died recently to go out on a blind date. I’m not married, but I know that if I ever married and my partner died, I’d never marry again. I’m a one-love person.

Every Ya-Ya-yah-related site I used to visit is transitioning from Ya-Ya-yah to HSJ or HSB: the Ya-Ya-yah official site, Happy Town... even Ya3-Tachi, which had become my favourite Chinese forums because it was a Ya3 forum, will change its name to “Let’s Say Best” on October 28th. Oh, well, at least it won’t be “Let’s Say JUMP”. =/ Even though I suppose I might get to like HSBEST with some time, it would never be the same as Ya-Ya-yah for me.

I love with a passion the Time Master trilogy by Louise Cooper, and I read the continuation trilogy she wrote long afterwards, but it’s not the same —not by far. Some of the characters from Time Master appear in the continuation trilogy, but they’re not the main focus anymore, and one of the reasons I fell in love with the books in the first place was because of the main characters: Tarod and Cyllan. So HSJ and HSB have Yabu and Hikaru in them, but... no, it will never be the same.

The Ya-Ya-yah show was something magical for me, a memory I’ll treasure as long as I live. Just like I re-read many times my favourite books, I know I’ll re-watch the shows many, many times. Reading a new book is like making a new friend, but re-reading one you love is like meeting with an old friend and spending the afternoon remembering the old times together.

Thus, this blog won’t have anything “new” to offer from now on, so instead it will become a warm place for any of you who want to pay a visit and remember the good ol’ times. Sure I’ll keep on posting about Yabu and Hikaru whenever they have solo or duet performances, and about Taiyô and Shoon if they stay in JE or remain in the showbiz so I can keep track on them, but otherwise today the clock has stopped here at Ya-Ya-yah Obse-shoon to become a timeless dimension.

I’ve made a little fanvideo which is not as good as it should be. Actually it’s the song I’ve used for the video that is meaningful for this entry, but I didn’t want to post just the song. I didn’t have time to make a video that would sum up over 200 episodes either, so I thought I’d settle for making a video that would feature the people who made the Ya-Ya-yah show possible. Well, not everyone, of course, because that would mean the cameramen, the make-up artists, and many more, but, you know, the “main” people: Ya-Ya-yah, of course (including Masaki and Naoya); Massu, Tegoshi, Koyama, Kusano, and Shige); Moriuchi; Inoo, Macchan, Yuuto, Midori, Akiyamacho-sensei and Murakamigo LOL ... There’s also Bobby, Korikki the wrestler, the ugly but funny Ungirls... And I just had to squeeze in a clip from my favourite episode, the Christmas special from 2004, because —among other reasons— it has “Shoon!reporter”, who is so much love, in those geeky glasses and even geekier coat, and because Hikaru is the best Santa ever and he was incredibly tender and sweet. Oh, and there’s a Hawaii clip too, because I love the Hawaii episode too, and I wanted J.J.Express to be in this video. Actually, there’s so many people missing in this video —I couldn’t possible include all of them in a five minutes video. Because... seriously, when you look back, ALL the juniors have appeared in the Ya3 show, even if only in the livestages: QUESTION?, ABC, KMF2. And how many other JE people have been there too? Takki&Tsubasa, Kanjani8, KATTUN, Moriuchi Takahiro, Tôshin... Ya-Ya-yah has memories for SO MANY people. It’s a shame this show has to end, but... what’s a fan to do when she’s watched and re-watched all the episodes for the hundredth time and still somebody doesn’t see it’s a crime to put an end to it? Blog about it and make the world remember there was once a wonderful show called the Ya-Ya-yah show.

PS: The text on the header, 思い出がいっぱい(Omoide ga ippai) means “So many memories”. =]