July 24, 2006

Xmas is here! XD

Well, not really, but yesterday we had a go-isshoku report (finally!) with the "Xmas Pair", Shoon and Yabu. I've decided to name them the "Xmas Pair" because of the colour of their T-shirts (green and red). LOL Oh, and speaking of clothes... Shoon wears the infamous jeans with the slash across you-know-where on this report! LOL I thought he wouldn't have the guts to do it. XD

Anyway, as you now I'm a ShoonxYabu fanatic ^^p ...and I enjoyed their report so much! XD

Shoon was clearly very happy to finally have a report with Yabu. LOL He was kind of hyper even -I think he enjoys embarrasing Yabu. XDDD

They seemed a lot less awkward with each other than on their first report too, especially Shoon. ^___^

And poor Yabucchi got a little sea-sick. ^^

When I have the time I'll comment on Hikaru's new look and on how his dancing skills have gotten much better. It seems being part of kitty GYM (LOL at the HUGE Y) is paying off. =)

Anyway, you can now find yesterday's episode and other things in the treeasure box. Don't have the username/password yet? Just send me an e-mail. ;-)

Oops... almost forgot... ^^U I edited Shoon and Yabu's report and uploaded it yo YT. Enjoy:


Anonymous said...


The xmas pair is crack!They are on prozac together!!

Eva said...

Weee, otra actualización ^O^. Ya tengo más cositas para bajarme *¬*. Bueno, en realidad te escribo para decir que me he empezado a leer tu fic y niña ¡vaya como engancha! En solo dos días ya me voy por el capi 9 y casi que me has convertido en una "sucker" de Shoon x Yabu *¬*. Me ha fascinado la forma tan sutil y tan real de plasmar su relación...nada de tonterías poco creibles en plan "los dos se enamoran locamente y son felices para siempre", no no, tú has narrado la relación desde el punto de vista de lo que son: dos adolescentes que están empezando a sentir algo extraño por su mejor amigo, especialmente en el caso de Yabu donde se ve muy bien la evolución. Va todo paso a paso, debido a las situaciones que vive con Shoon y que son las que le están haciendo despertar esos sentimientos que en otras circunstancias, creería imposibles. Y los personajes secundarios tambien están muy bien definidos y hacen un buen papel (incluso me gusta Sana, fijate xD) En definitiva, un fic extraordinario, bello, maduro, realista. Precioso, de verdad.

Mmm, tengo sueño, mas vale que me vaya a dormir antes de soltar más chorradas ^^;;;;

Muchos besitos ^^

PD: Espero que no te moleste, pero ¿te importaría que te agregara al msn? Me pareces una chica muy simpática, y compartimos algunos gustos ^^. Aparte, es que me encanta conocer gente nueva ^^UU


Tsz said...

Xmas pair XDDDDDD
I just wanna to ask....
You are Shoon X Yabu OR Yabu X Shoon ??

(I am Yabu X Shoon 0___________0)

eimyllin said...

Hey, I think what you're doing with the treasure box is awesome, though i don't dl (megaupload issues), pls keep it up and spread the joy!!

i've noticed that hikaru is a good dance r from kinpachi sensei. i think that his concentration gets divided from singing and dancing at the same time, so when he just dances, it looks even better!

as for ranks, it's sorta a cultural thing i believe, the diff levels of seniority always v clearly defined not juz for japanese culture, but for many asian countries. Once you earn your stripes, then u become deserving. Just like how Yabu always wears red, it's symbolic of his status in the group.

Airi said...

Thanks for sunday's episode!!

Hikaru's new look is HOT >:) LOL I like this performance of Egoist better than the other one cause he sounds like his singing is better too (but I could just b e totally exaggerating cause i'm excited!) XD

cute little shoon .. so excited to be with yabu<3~ I think though Yabu and Shoon are the closest in ya3h because they've been there the whole time. even though taiyo has been there the whole time too. Plus Shoon only had one episode where he got to report with yabu.. XD okay i'll shut up now :x~