September 13, 2006

am I seeing things?

From now on my ShoonxYabu, BnS-related "evidence" posts will go under the subject "Am I seeing things?" Obviously these are merely humorous/playful posts. That is to say that I don't think either Yabu or Shoon are gay. Of course if they were there would be nothing wrong with that, but these posts are just meant for fun and fangirling. ^^
Anyway... Did you watch the 2006.08.20 Ya3 TV show episode? The four Ya3 members were taken to different teppanyaki restaurants. They had to hold their laughter for 1 minute while different comedians tried to make them laugh. If they did, they got to eat, if not... bad luck. XD
The thing is I loved the episode because Shoon and Yabu sat by each other at all the restaurants, and there were a couple of very cute "Xmas Pair" moments XD , both at the first restaurant.
The first one was right when they had sat down and were waiting for the taping to start. Hikaru and Taiyô are looking ahead, hands intertwined on the table, and so are Koyama and the cook... while Shoon and Yabu are talking.

And all the others keep waiting in silence, while they talk. XD

...and they keep on talking... oblivious to the cameras. XD

Shoon finally turns his head towards the cook as the taping is going to start, but Yabu looks down with a very cute smile on his face.

...and the smile lasts him quite a while, plus he keeps on looking down. Hmmm... interesting thoughts about someone, Yabu-chan? ;-)

A little while later it's Shoon who seems to be in his own little world with another little happy smile on his face. Hmmm... Interesting thoughts about somebody, Shoon? ;-)

Well, it seems the object of his thoughts is not far away. XD

Shoon, dear, you should be a tad more discreet.

Oh, well, what's the use in telling him?

You're making Yabu uncomfortable! ... XDDD

And of course, being the freak that I am I made two clips to show you these lovely caught-in-the-act moments. LOL By the way; they have no sound.


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Eva "la pesada" said...

O//////O Waaaaaaa...¡¡pero que monos, por favor!! La carita de Yabucchi me mata...¿se puede ser más cute? Y Shoon también tiene unos gestos lindísimos. Quizás yo también estoy "viendo cosas" pero eso en mi tierra se llama flirteo, coqueteo o como quieras llamarlo xDDDDDD. Por dios, cuando se ponen los dos a decirse cositas pasando olímpicamente de las cá medio descarado o.oU. Nyaaa~~ me encantan *O*.
Y por cierto, yo tampoco creo que sean gays, pero puede que sí sean bi (no todo el mundo es una cosa u otra). Nah, ignorame, es solo que...he quedado *TAN* traumada con tu fic, que creo que me voy a dedicar a buscar hints en todos los videos que vea de ellos xP

Muy buen post ;-)