September 09, 2006

BnS extras update

I added a couple of things to the BnS section. One is the characters guide, for those of you who don't know all the people mentioned in the fic, and the other thing is something funny and curious I called "the wonders of Photoshop", which is about the lack of ShoonxYabu pics from Photoshoots and how to put a remedy to that. LOL I also added the latest commenters (does that word exist? ?__?) at the "thank-you to readers" section. I have to fix the polls because they're not working properly, sorry. ^^ More to come soon.

Haven't read Bokura no Secret and want to give it a try? Start here. Did you miss the last part of the fic? Read it here.

Title: Bokura no Secret (Our Secret) ; Fandom: Ya-Ya-yah ; Pairing: ShoonxYabu (Shoon is 19 in the fic and Yabu 18) ; Rating: PG13; Summary: Shoon was deeply in love with Yabu, but Yabu only saw him as a friend... or did he? ; Parts: 10 ; Status: Completed

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