October 30, 2006

MS 2002.05.10 & downloads

[EDIT]: I've reuploaded the Daite Señorita studio performance, uploaded it to YSI as well, and I've replaced the Tokyo Friend Park links, because they had expired (thanks Luma! ^__^) Links on the treasure box. ;-) [Tokyo Friend Park is a TV show in which Shoon appeared with the rest of the Satomi Hakkenden cast and played games]
We're barely in November, but the shops and shopping centers over here are already putting Xmas decorations, so why not a Xmasy MS performance for today? This is from 2002.05.10 and it's yet another performance of Sekai ga hitotsu ni naru made. Not the best performance of that song with Yabu singing out of tone, especially at the beginning LOL, but aaah, the cuteness!
If you want to download it, you can find it on the treasure box (the YSI download link too), together with (FINALLY) the gourmet special for those who cannot download from MU. =)
If you want to watch it as it downloads here you are. Enjoy!

October 28, 2006

MS and downloads

Ya-Ya-yah's support campaign

Want to help spread the word with an image link like these? =)
support Ya-Ya-yah. Click here to learn how Ya-Ya-yah を支持してください. ここにクリックしてください.
Copy this html code and paste it on your site:
English image link:

Japanese image link:

On another note... It has been announced on the Music Station site that the Johnny's Juniors will be performing a Special Medley on 3rd November ^___^ ...speaking of which... I've decided I'm going to upload in the next weeks all of Ya3 MS performances I have. =) We'll start with 2001.02.15, in which Takki, Ya3 (minus Hikaru because he wasn't part of the group yet - well, and for some reason Hoshino wasn't there either ?__?), and some juniors (ABC, Massu, Shige, Tôshin...) perform Sekai ga hitotsu ni naru made (I wish this song had a shorter name - it's so tiring to type all that! XD). Want to watch it? Yabu and Shoon are sooo cute in this clip! ^.^*

If you want to download it, I've uploaded it to MU, and you can find the link on the Treasure box. [If -and only if- you can't use MU... MS 2001.02.15 (YouSendIt link - will expire in 7 days)]
Other MS performances I'll be uploading in the next days/weeks:
2002.05.10, 2003.01.31, 2003.06.06, 2003.08.28, 2004.05.14, 2004.07.09, 2005.05.27, 2005.07.29, 2005.08.12
I've also reuploaded the Sekai ga... PV as somebody requested, and added links for 2003.04.20 Thailand, requested by Phoebe. =)
PS to Fiona: I'm very happy to be of help. ^__^
PS to Yui: I'm not sure how could we get to know how many people are taking part in the Ya3 support postcard campaign... ^^ A poll perhaps? Suggestions are most welcome. =)

October 26, 2006

a one-shot and downloads

First of all, thanks to everyone who are going to support Ya-Ya-yah by sending a weekly postcard, and to those who are spreading the word. ^___^ [To Yui: yes, please, go ahead and post the entry on your blog =)]

Secondly, I'm posting today a Ya-Ya-yah one-shot here. It's not the one-shot I had promised you, but a one-shot unrelated to my multi-part fic Bokura no Secret, so if you have read BnS erase it completely from your mind before reading. This is for Esther (because I hate you! XD)

Title: A Matter of Choice; Fic type: one-shot ( a long one); Fandom: Ya-Ya-yah; Paring: Shoon-?; Genre: Romance-Angst-Humour (yeah, all that in one LOL) ... read the fic

On another note, I uploaded Sunday's show for those of you who can't use clubbox nor MU:
(YSI links - will expire in 7 days) .001 .002 .003

If you can use MU, please download from the links on the treasure box, thanks. ^__^

I also uploaded the Itoshi no Play Girl performance, can't remember who asked for it, but you'll find it in the treasure box as well. ;-)

I finished uploading the super HQ Gourmet Special of 2006.10.09. =)
[each part is 250MB each - total 2GB]:
.001 .002 .003 .004 .005 .006 .007 .008 .009

I'll upload a smaller version of that to YSI tomorrow if I can. Other uploading requests I'll fulfill as soon as possible: reuploading HQ episode 2005.11.13, 2003.04.20 Thailand, and the Daite Señorita performance.

October 23, 2006


As you all know, JE announced recently that there will be a debut next Spring, but not who will debut.The fact that Kitty hasn't dissolved when it was created as a supposedly temporary group, plus the airing of the new shows You-tachi (with Hikaru and the other 3 Kitty members) and Hyakushiki (with Yabu and other juniors), has got many of us worried that the announced debut might mean the end of the Ya-Ya-yah show and of Ya-Ya-yah as a group.

Fiona, the webmistress of the Chinese site Happy Town, has started a campaign among the Chinese fans to support Ya-Ya-yah, and her friend Feather, who has been so kind as to translate the plan outline into English, has asked me to try and involve Western fans in their efforts.

The idea is to send a weekly postcard to The Shounen Club to show our support to Ya-Ya-yah. As a heading write:
"ステージで輝いてるYa-Ya-yah”("Ya-ya-yah shines on the stage").
Below you can write a short message of support, in polite English or Japanese. It could be for instance "Please let Ya-Ya-yah debut next Spring".

The postcard should be addressed to:
c/o "The Shounen Club", Nihon NHK denshidai, 2-2-1, Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo-to, 150-8001 JAPAN
〒150-8001 日本 東京都 渋谷区 神南 日本NHK電視台 2-2-1 -BS「ザ少年倶楽部」係

I think it might be useful to write it both in Western writing and Japanese.

P.S.: Please take the time to
read Feather's translation of the plan outline for more details.
P.P.S: Please spread the word. =)

about me & downloads

I've finally found some time to type a little profile for those of you who might be curious to know more about me. Click here or on the navigation bar where it says "about Irea".

On another note, I've uploaded more parts of the super HQ Gourmet Special of 2006.10.09 - only 2 more and we'll be finished. =)

[each part is 250MB each - total 2GB]:
.001 .002 .003 .004 .005 .006 .007 .008 .009 (will update this as I finish uploading the other parts)

I've also reuploaded, as I promised, the Ya3 show from 2006.10.08, the one which had audio problems (YouSendIt links - will expire in 7 days) .001 .002 .003

answering comments

I love Sayaendô too. It's a really catchy song, ne? =) I'm not too fond of the white outfit with the faux fur, but I guess it's funny. XD And well, I think it's understandable that they look tired and strained. What with the Ya3 show, their performances in SC... and then Hikaru and Yabu took part in the musical One! with Takki, plus they both take part in two different shows now (YouTachi and Hyakushiki), plus Hikaru performs with Kitty as well in SC. @___@

You can download SC through bittorrent at
JPopsuki; through Megaupload at Himitsu or Kichikawaii's LJ, or through Clubbox (there are many, like the Baka no Sekai clubbox).

Yeah, pity there's no pic of Taiyô with those leather boots. I've heard you talk about it so much that I want to see him with them! LOL Did they look like those he wore in that issue of Myojo in which they wore costumes (ie. Yabu - jungle explorer, Shoon - racing pilot, Taiyô - pirate, Hikaru... er... beach-goer? XD)

Well, it's no wonder Shoon looks tired -these guys work so hard... and they have to keep up with their studies too, plus Shoon mentioned in a magazine that he has sleeping troubles, poor thing. Er... I don't know much about Joey Tee other than he does rap dance - never heard him sing a thing.

Nicole, Starry, Kami, and Nyaoko
Glad you liked the first scene of the one-shot. I'm close to finishing it, so I'll post it soon. =)

Alei and M-ichelle
Yes, it seems there was a problem with that Ya3show I uploaded. I'll reupload it as soon as possible. =)

Yes, Shoon is so adorable when he's around kids. I think he's got the makings of a father.

It made me happy to find a comment from you. =) The new stage has given me hopes too that they'll be the ones to debut. ^___^ And about Hasshi smiling when he's performing... if I were any of them I'd have a hard time not laughing my ass off when performing. XD Sometimes the dance moves are so silly and all those fangirls squealing with their fist in the air! LOL

Yes, I agree that after Ya-Ya-yah and Kitty Kisumai are the ones with a bigger chance of debuting, but why does everybody love Senga? I think I'm one of the few people who like Miyata best. XD And OMG, yes, I did notice that thing Shoon did with his hand when Hikaru sang the "kuchibiru" line. Somebody said in the Absolute Baka forums that's something Jin used to do in some performances. But yes, that was totally hjdrsgtxdy. *__*
when i knew this i was screaming my house down early in the morning 6am. XD
My excitement is going up as the days pass. I can't wait to watch it!! XD And I'm nervous as well too, 'cause I'm so hoping he was the genki!Shoon he can be, the enthusiastic Shoon he was in Tokyo Friend Park. He's not a camwhore and it seems to me he's not the type that smiles and acts cute for the cameras to get more attention from the jimushô.

Glad you like the layout! ^___^ I'm so excited about Shoon's SC. I'll make a Taiyô layout when he gets to produce an episode too (hopefully soon! =))

Hi, Bews! Thanks for visiting the site and pleased to meet you! ^___^ Yabu is my second favourite in Ya3 after Shoon. My real name is Cristina, but Irea is the nickname I use on the Net. You're from Thailand? That's great! =) It seems Ya-Ya-yah have a lot of fans in your country, ne? I'm from Spain. ^__^ I'll visit your site, thanks for the link.

It seems you and me are the only ones who dislike Yabu's new hairstyle and colour. O__o And YES! I thought the same thing too, that it might be another debut sign! ^___^ Regarding my proposal... okay, take as much time as you need to think about it. =)

Yabu's new hair style doesn't really look bad to you? It looks awful to me, and not just because of the colour. It's a little wavy as well, and reminds me of one of the Kisumai guys. @__@ Blond Hikaru... I can't imagine him blond, but he needs a better hairdo - and urgently. It's a relief to know that Shoon was wearing a wig in WSS because, honestly, dying such beautiful hair would be a crime against mankind. >__<
I dont mind his hair litlle bit browner than before, but isn't the haircut liiiitle bit strange.., no different than before. But if Yabu is ok with this, I'm pretty cool about it.
Yeah, the colour is weird on him, but it's the fact that it's wavy that I don't like at all. And well, probably Johnnys don't have much say on their haircuts and hairdos. Most likely it's on their contract, like Dan Radcliffe can't get a sun tan while playing Harry Potter.

But Tackey's play is over now, isn't it? I want to think it's a coming debut sign as Allyson said in a comment she left. Well, for some reason I can imagine Taiyô with a lighter hair colour. Actually I think his hair is a little lighter than Shoon's.

October 21, 2006


Fiona (the webmistress of My Happy Town), uploaded to her clubbox a monstruous 2GB version of the latest Gourmet Special, but Kenji and I found a smaller one in another clubbox, so that's the one you'll find at the treasure box.
Most people didn't bother to download the 2GB file because it was huge and it took forever to download, but me being the biggest Ya3 freak around DID download it. Took me almost 3 days, but I did, yeah. XD
It's a super-high quality version. Let me stress that: the quality is so amazing it feels as if you had Shoon, Hikaru, Taiyô, and Yabu standing right in front of you, so if you're a real Ya3 collector this is a must-have.
I'm uploading it to Megaupload and it will be 9 parts (about 250MB each), but it will take some time to upload them all, so you may as well start downloading the ones I've uploaded so far:
Gourmet Special of 2006.10.09: .001 .002 .003 .004 .005 .006 .007 .008 .009 (will update this as I finish uploading the other parts)
Also, you'll find the show from 2006.10.15 at the treasure box, which I've uploaded to YSI for those who can't use clubbox nor MU: .001 .002
I'll reupload 2006.10.08 as soon as possible to YSI, and upload the Gourmet Special to YSI too, though not the super high quality version, sorry, that would be suicidal as YSI only accepts 100 MB files.

what the...?!

NOOOOOooooooo! This is horrible! T____T I knew this day had to come, but I was hoping it would come as late as possible, and I was also hoping that it would be Taiyô, or Hikaru. It seems it's a trend to have Johnnys dye their hair at some point, and it looks like the time has come for Yabu. Ah, the horror! My poor Yabucchi! T_____T This is a crime, really: (pic from the December issue of Myojo taken from My Happy Town)

Please, dear God, don't you ever let them do this to Shoon, please, please, please. T___T *kneels down and prays*

October 16, 2006

way to go, Shoon!


Sometimes I think JE does read fanblogs and visit fansites, because I feel as if they had listened to me and the many other people who wanted Shoon to produce an SC episode. Yes! Shoon will produce a Shônen Club episode in November!!! ^______^ YES! YES! YES! The theme will be "thought", which totally suits him, because I think he's a very deep guy. =)
Ganbare, Shoon, you totally deserved it and I hope you'll do great and show them what you are capable of. ;-) I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

another step forward

I'm really busy with work, but I HAD to post this clip. I'm not sure what it is exactly, because Fiona (the webmistress of the Chinese Ya3 site My Happy Town) had dated it as the live stage from the 2006.10.05 episode of the Ya3 show, but that was last Sunday, and last Sunday's episode seemingly had a different livestage (a repetition of To the Freedom) ?___? *is confused*

Anyway... This live stage was interesting for several reasons:
1) new stage, with the fangirls in front, and not behind, which I think is more natural -at least from a Western point of view ^^
2) same outfit for all the members of the group, which puts them all at the same level
3) the order in which they were introduced: Shoon, Taiyô, Hikaru, Yabu (when it's usually Yabu&Hikaru, then Shoon, and finally Taiyô)
4) Taiyô sang some lines along with Yabu (yay!)
5) the more mature and sexy mood of the song and choreography - Hikaru's attempts at acting sexy made me smile, but Shoon coming forward at the beginning of the performance and putting on his jacket didn't fail to make me melt *fans herself* (I'd say they're playing up his sexyness)
6) all in all I think this is a step forward for them as a group, and a step forward towards debuting. ;-)

PS: By the way, the song's title is "Itoshi no Play Girl". I don't like it very much, but at the middle it gets kinda catchy.

October 14, 2006

preview of tomorrow's show

[EDIT]: I'm thinking that perhaps even though a bit of To the Freedom has been included in the preview that might not be the live stage because Hikaru is sporting the "spiky" haircut which he doesn't have now.

I can't wait to watch tomorrow's show. There will be a report about donuts, Shoon will return to the Kindergarten... this time with Taiyô, and in the live stage our boys will perform To the Freedom. See the preview clip below.

Also, I'm sure all Shoon and Taiyô fans will love this page from the November issue of Wink Up, which was scanned by Yuy. =) Awww... so cute! ^.^* Right-click and "save as" to download the full size pic.

PS: My apologies to those who downloaded the wmv version of last Sunday's show from the YouSendIt links as it seems there's a problem with the sound. I'll check it and reupload as soon as possible.

October 12, 2006


[edit]: Somebody left a comment asking how to join the split files. Click here for an explanation on how to join the files, and here for the full HJSPLIT manual. Hope that helps. =)
Brief entry to tell you I've updated the treasure box with links for Sunday's show and the Gourmet special too plus a HQ onigokko I've reuploaded (Bobby oni episode) and other things, so go check them. ;-)

For those of you who don't get along with clubbox nor Megaupload... (YouSendIt links - will expire in 7 days)

2006.10.08 .001 .002 (.wmv file - join files with with HJsplit)

Tomorrow I'll upload the Gourmet Special to YSI too and edit this entry with the links. =)

October 10, 2006

a little fluff coming up

I should be working, but some ideas for a Yamabu (ShoonxYabu) one-shot have been bugging me for days, so I just had to start writing it. ^^ Irea writing a one-shot? O___o Yeah, I know. XD Let us hope for my sake that I'll manage to keep it short and not write 20 pages. ^^U This is set some months after the sequel of BnS (yes, there's going to be a sequel and I'm working on it), in early 2009. (BnS was set in 2008) Anyway, just felt like teasing you a little with the first scene because I'm cruel like that. =p *cackles evilly*

Missing You (PG-13)

It was the first time they’d spent more than two or three days apart since they’d moved in together. The apartment they’d been renting for a month and a half now was by no means large, but to Yabu it felt big and lonely with Shoon away. Especially at night.
He’d gotten used to being lulled to sleep by Shoon’s body warmth, by the sound of his steady heartbeats under his ear, pressed against Shoon’s chest, by Shoon’s hands slipping beneath his t-shirt and caressing the bare skin of his back with long, lazy strokes.
With Shoon away he lay awake on his side for a long while after getting into bed, his left hand resting on the empty space on the matress, as if he could feel Shoon’s imprint there.
It felt strange to think that Shoon was abroad, miles away from him, on the other end of the world. He was shooting a movie in Canada, and because of the time difference and the fact that they were filming on location in the mountains, where his cell phone was out of range, they had barely talked four or five times in those two weeks.
He missed him so much he was counting the minutes till he could see him again. Only two days now, he thought closing his eyes. “Good night, Shoon,” he murmured with a smile.

October 09, 2006

the way it should be

I liked last Sunday's SC for several reasons, but the two main reasons are that EVERYBODY got to sing a little -that's the way it should always be, and it's not so difficult to achieve, really- and that AT LONG LAST Taiyô has sung on his own. =] Well, not with Ya3, I mean. I think he did great, but since he performed Sayaendô, I was kind of hoping they'd have him wear the pirate costume he wore at this summer Junior concert, the Johnny's Juniors no Daibôken (see pic below - credits to the Korean blog Just Movin' On) Doesn't he look great in that costume? =)


Instead of that he wore his old Sergeant-Pepper-like outfit, which I like, but it was unfair that Tsuka-chan and this other ABC guy whose name I can't remember right now ^^U wore pirate costumes and he didn't. Oh, well.




For those who don't want to download the full episode, here are the performances in which Ya3 took part: (YouSendIt links - will expire in 7 days)

[Michi Medley] (38 MB) (or more exactly the Sayaendô part, so it doesn't include Koyama's song, sorry ^^)

[Beautiful] (86 MB)

[Midnight Train] (46 MB)

[Sekai ga hitotsu ni naru made] (39 MB)

If you just want to watch them, here is the performance of Sayaendô:

Here is the performance of Midnight Train:

Here is the performance of Sekai ga...: (nice version =))

And here is the performance of Beautiful, but just the Ya3 part, because there was a bit in which Joey Tee was shockingly rude to two younger juniors (see on the clip below this) and totally spoiled it so I edited it and just left Ya3 singing. O__o

October 06, 2006


[EDIT ] I answered the comments of this entry and the previous one, so if you left a comment, please check my replies. =)
As most of you probably know, JE has announced recently that there will be a debut next Spring. No word about who it will be, but thanks to the ever amazing Kami-chan, who always keeps an eye open, we have an inkling of who it might be. ;-) Well, today I've found the pic below at My Happy Town, and if that's not the very image of a group about to debut, then I don't know what it is. It's sooo different from any previous pics of Ya-Ya-yah. They look so grown-up, and mature and... awesomely handsome. *___* WOW; just WOW. (Not sure what it is, but from the file name -"you_poster.jpg"- I gather it's a poster from the Youtachi no Ongaku Dai-Undoukai event). I want a large, good scan of this! ^o^

October 05, 2006

Sunday's show

[EDIT]: For those of you who cannot use clubbox nor Megaupload, I uploaded Sunday's Ya3 show to SendSpace: 2006.10.01 Size: 190MB Enjoy! =]
Will edit this post tomorrow with a SS link and perhaps more Daily Motion video clips and comments on the show, but it's late and I'm going to bed, so today I'm just posting the video of the live stage, and I wanted to tell you as well that you can now find MU links for this episode at the Treasure Box as well as some old episodes I've added, a HQ onigokko episode I've reuploaded, and the 2 CMs of Shoon&Taiyô, which I've reuploaded as well. =)

October 04, 2006

last Sunday's SC

I wanted to post this earlier, but I wanted to answer unanswered comments first (please, see the post below if you've left a comment recently). Anyways...

Have you watched last Sunday's SC already? For those of you who haven't and want to download the performances, I've uploaded them to SendSpace:
To the Freedom + Ikujinashi (81 MB)
Marui chikara (77 MB)
Sexy medley (Ya3 sang Venus) (129 MB)
If you just want to watch them... Here's Ya-Ya-yah's performance of To the Freedom and Ikujinashi:

Here's the Marui Chikara performance (aaah, such a cute song... sounds almost Christmasy):

And here's Ya-Ya-yah's performance of Venus in the "sexy" medley (it wasn't that sexy really ¬¬ A sexy medley would have been a medley of Shoon's performances XD):

...and here's a short video clip I made with comments on different moments of the show. =)

replying comments

I'm always really slow to answer comments, so this entry is just replies to comments. ^^
Anonymous: I want to watch the video of Shoon getting recognized on the street. Do you have the dl?
That video is the 1st go-isshoku of Shoon and it's 2006.06.11. If you don't have the username and password send me an e-mail.
Anonymous: the new layout is adorable! I really liked how you added the Stand By Me quote to it too. That is from SBM right?
Yes, it is. =] That recent photoshoot reminded me of the time they starred in the play based on that novel. Glad you like it!
Maria: Thanks to you, your fanfiction, and all you've uploaded...I think I'm fostering an obsession for Yayayah now. ^o^ An unhealthy obsession! :o)
Ah, obsessing over Ya-Ya-yah is never a bad thing! ;-) You're welcome, thanks for visiting the site... and welcome to the fandom! =)
Mei: Hope you fared well with your exams, May! ^__^ *sends her a warm hug* Hope to hear from you again soon. =)
Allyson: Please, please, please forgive me 'cause I owe you several replies but I'm so slow and such a disaster. U___U I'm really happy that you liked BnS. ^___^ Yes, probably there will be a sequel to it, but I'm still in the process of brainstorming for it and only have the title "Not a Secret Anymore" and a couple of ideas for different scenes and the storyline. =)
Eva: Tú también me tienes que perdonar por ser taaaan lenta en contestar los comentarios ^^U (se me acumulan, igual que los "emilios", pero estoy haciendo todo lo posible por ponerme al día. Me alegra que te gustara esa entrada con "pruebas" de que hay algo entre Shoon y Yabu. XD A lo mejor no hay ná de ná, pero en fin, yo me lo paso pipa analizando videos de los dos. XD (Qué mal estoy XD ... ¿y encima te lo he pegado? Pobre. XD)
Al final voy a tener que ver Brokeback Mountain, aunque sólo sea por curiosidad. XD
¡Que sí!, te digo que hay momentos en los que Yabu parece que esté como cabreaíllo, con cara de mala "leite"... a ver si busco fotos para enseñártelo. Pero vamos, que a mí me parece que es muy guapo. El peinado es mejorable y tendría que poner algo de peso, pero es guapo. =) Un besote.
M-ichelle: Glad you like the site! ^___^ And yes, Kame and Jin appear in that 2002 video together with Tsubasa and the 7 members Ya-Ya-yah. Welcome to the fandom and thanks for visiting! =]
anonymous: could you upload the 2003.06.08 Shounen Club medley (Featured Video)?
Sure thing. =) Here you go. (SendSpace link - 66 MB)