October 16, 2006

another step forward

I'm really busy with work, but I HAD to post this clip. I'm not sure what it is exactly, because Fiona (the webmistress of the Chinese Ya3 site My Happy Town) had dated it as the live stage from the 2006.10.05 episode of the Ya3 show, but that was last Sunday, and last Sunday's episode seemingly had a different livestage (a repetition of To the Freedom) ?___? *is confused*

Anyway... This live stage was interesting for several reasons:
1) new stage, with the fangirls in front, and not behind, which I think is more natural -at least from a Western point of view ^^
2) same outfit for all the members of the group, which puts them all at the same level
3) the order in which they were introduced: Shoon, Taiyô, Hikaru, Yabu (when it's usually Yabu&Hikaru, then Shoon, and finally Taiyô)
4) Taiyô sang some lines along with Yabu (yay!)
5) the more mature and sexy mood of the song and choreography - Hikaru's attempts at acting sexy made me smile, but Shoon coming forward at the beginning of the performance and putting on his jacket didn't fail to make me melt *fans herself* (I'd say they're playing up his sexyness)
6) all in all I think this is a step forward for them as a group, and a step forward towards debuting. ;-)

PS: By the way, the song's title is "Itoshi no Play Girl". I don't like it very much, but at the middle it gets kinda catchy.


Esther said...

ack. it's 23:21 now and now I want to stay up all night to download the entire show. and the mp3 download won't even start. XD

Just seeing this stage makes me think they'll definitely be the ones to debut.

lol. Hasshi's always smiling whenever he's performing ^^ <3

alei_korosu said...

o .. m... g !! Thank u for sharing this clip!! Ahh !! I love Taiyo so much !!! <3

YUI said...

you know i have to agree with all you said in this entry!!
a while ago i think kisumai had big chances too. as in their new song and the very good looking outfits SCREAMS DEBUT to me. Not that i dont like kisumai. i LOVE them too. esp senga<3

but the thing is...
if we're talking about debut, i would want ya ya yah to debut before kisumai does. SERIOUS. ya ya yah deserves it. til next spring... they are a 5 year old JE unit already.

the line when hikaru sang "kuchibiru"(lips) and the action shoon did?!?!?!?! i died~ nearly died. serious.. shoon is getting too hot!<3 XD