October 23, 2006

answering comments

I love Sayaendô too. It's a really catchy song, ne? =) I'm not too fond of the white outfit with the faux fur, but I guess it's funny. XD And well, I think it's understandable that they look tired and strained. What with the Ya3 show, their performances in SC... and then Hikaru and Yabu took part in the musical One! with Takki, plus they both take part in two different shows now (YouTachi and Hyakushiki), plus Hikaru performs with Kitty as well in SC. @___@

You can download SC through bittorrent at
JPopsuki; through Megaupload at Himitsu or Kichikawaii's LJ, or through Clubbox (there are many, like the Baka no Sekai clubbox).

Yeah, pity there's no pic of Taiyô with those leather boots. I've heard you talk about it so much that I want to see him with them! LOL Did they look like those he wore in that issue of Myojo in which they wore costumes (ie. Yabu - jungle explorer, Shoon - racing pilot, Taiyô - pirate, Hikaru... er... beach-goer? XD)

Well, it's no wonder Shoon looks tired -these guys work so hard... and they have to keep up with their studies too, plus Shoon mentioned in a magazine that he has sleeping troubles, poor thing. Er... I don't know much about Joey Tee other than he does rap dance - never heard him sing a thing.

Nicole, Starry, Kami, and Nyaoko
Glad you liked the first scene of the one-shot. I'm close to finishing it, so I'll post it soon. =)

Alei and M-ichelle
Yes, it seems there was a problem with that Ya3show I uploaded. I'll reupload it as soon as possible. =)

Yes, Shoon is so adorable when he's around kids. I think he's got the makings of a father.

It made me happy to find a comment from you. =) The new stage has given me hopes too that they'll be the ones to debut. ^___^ And about Hasshi smiling when he's performing... if I were any of them I'd have a hard time not laughing my ass off when performing. XD Sometimes the dance moves are so silly and all those fangirls squealing with their fist in the air! LOL

Yes, I agree that after Ya-Ya-yah and Kitty Kisumai are the ones with a bigger chance of debuting, but why does everybody love Senga? I think I'm one of the few people who like Miyata best. XD And OMG, yes, I did notice that thing Shoon did with his hand when Hikaru sang the "kuchibiru" line. Somebody said in the Absolute Baka forums that's something Jin used to do in some performances. But yes, that was totally hjdrsgtxdy. *__*
when i knew this i was screaming my house down early in the morning 6am. XD
My excitement is going up as the days pass. I can't wait to watch it!! XD And I'm nervous as well too, 'cause I'm so hoping he was the genki!Shoon he can be, the enthusiastic Shoon he was in Tokyo Friend Park. He's not a camwhore and it seems to me he's not the type that smiles and acts cute for the cameras to get more attention from the jimushô.

Glad you like the layout! ^___^ I'm so excited about Shoon's SC. I'll make a Taiyô layout when he gets to produce an episode too (hopefully soon! =))

Hi, Bews! Thanks for visiting the site and pleased to meet you! ^___^ Yabu is my second favourite in Ya3 after Shoon. My real name is Cristina, but Irea is the nickname I use on the Net. You're from Thailand? That's great! =) It seems Ya-Ya-yah have a lot of fans in your country, ne? I'm from Spain. ^__^ I'll visit your site, thanks for the link.

It seems you and me are the only ones who dislike Yabu's new hairstyle and colour. O__o And YES! I thought the same thing too, that it might be another debut sign! ^___^ Regarding my proposal... okay, take as much time as you need to think about it. =)

Yabu's new hair style doesn't really look bad to you? It looks awful to me, and not just because of the colour. It's a little wavy as well, and reminds me of one of the Kisumai guys. @__@ Blond Hikaru... I can't imagine him blond, but he needs a better hairdo - and urgently. It's a relief to know that Shoon was wearing a wig in WSS because, honestly, dying such beautiful hair would be a crime against mankind. >__<
I dont mind his hair litlle bit browner than before, but isn't the haircut liiiitle bit strange.., no different than before. But if Yabu is ok with this, I'm pretty cool about it.
Yeah, the colour is weird on him, but it's the fact that it's wavy that I don't like at all. And well, probably Johnnys don't have much say on their haircuts and hairdos. Most likely it's on their contract, like Dan Radcliffe can't get a sun tan while playing Harry Potter.

But Tackey's play is over now, isn't it? I want to think it's a coming debut sign as Allyson said in a comment she left. Well, for some reason I can imagine Taiyô with a lighter hair colour. Actually I think his hair is a little lighter than Shoon's.


allyson said...

ah Irea! sorry, this has nothing to do with the post above but have you checked Fiona's website!!! is that a Horikoshi booklet guide? That features our Hikaru and Taiyo in class?? jkfjafhakfha wha....I talked about that dream school in my last post in my blog and now they're teasing me with this?????!!!! I need to transfer school now!!!!

神ちゃん said...

Did they look like those he wore in that issue of Myojo in which they wore costumes
No. They were burgundy colour and tighter. More like riding boots.

Yabu's new hair style doesn't really look bad to you? It looks awful to me, and not just because of the colour.
It's really hard to judge from just one picture. I'm waiting for some moving images so I can make up my mind. But I think I might like it.

Blond Hikaru... I can't imagine him blond, but he needs a better hairdo
Absolutely no doubt about that. I liked him best in Kinpachi Sensei. But that wasn't even something you could call a hairdo. It was just ... hair.

Marci said...

It is? I didn't know. XD I bet Yabu's older brother made him dye it. or possibly he didn't at all. natural highlights instead or HE TOOK A SHOWER BEFORE THE SHOOT. Taiyo would look worst with a lighter color. D: Shookaru is better.....

marci said...

I mean worse. XDD misspelling mistakes are evil. like Kato's voice. XD

[[ace`]] said...

OH OH OH! IF U UPLOAD MORE OF SHOON's scenes as shinbei please tell me? XDXDXD