October 12, 2006


[edit]: Somebody left a comment asking how to join the split files. Click here for an explanation on how to join the files, and here for the full HJSPLIT manual. Hope that helps. =)
Brief entry to tell you I've updated the treasure box with links for Sunday's show and the Gourmet special too plus a HQ onigokko I've reuploaded (Bobby oni episode) and other things, so go check them. ;-)

For those of you who don't get along with clubbox nor Megaupload... (YouSendIt links - will expire in 7 days)

2006.10.08 .001 .002 (.wmv file - join files with with HJsplit)

Tomorrow I'll upload the Gourmet Special to YSI too and edit this entry with the links. =)


Anonymous said...

Hihi!! Nice site and thanks for all the downloads. But I was wondering, since you mentioned HjSplit, how the hell do you use it? I have HjSplit, and I think that I have joined files with it under unconscious (i can't spell it), because I can't remember that I used HjSplit and the main point that I can't remember how I joined it, it's just all blah! Please help my tiny little brain!

alei said...

hi again ! how r u doing ?
Unn.. I dunno if it is just my pc ... but, when I added the parts together with the program ... half of the show the sound was waaaay behind (O_o) is it normal to do that ??

alei said...

omg . and I forgot to add .. Thank u for uploading it anyways !! haa ~ so stupid of me to forget to write it in my 1st comment (^^);;

[[ace`]] said...


Hey hey Irea! omgg. ure sooo nice~

XD thankyou a lot!

because of you my ya-ya-yah love still exists~

[[ace`]] chan

m-ichelle. said...

thanks so much for uploading once more!!~ I really appreaciate it since megaupload takes me forever to download it!! but the clip was corrupted? The sound went off in the middle and was way behind the scenes~
but thanks so much anyways!!!~