November 03, 2006

Monster pizza & downloads

So... how many postcards have you sent already to The Shônen Club? Let's flood them with postcards. ;-) Hikaru, Taiyô, Yabu, and Shoon are worth the effort. =)
Today I decided to sum up my comments on the show with a video made of clips. [No live stage last Sunday, by the way]
On another note... I've uploaded this show both to MU and YSI, so you'll find the links on the treasure box as well as links for 2003.02.23, 200304.06, and a better version of 2003.03.16 [Universal Studios Japan] (credits to Fahlyu - hope it's okay with you that I'm using the link you posted on your LJ for Kakitani). =) The former version I had of 2003.03.16 froze at a certain point.

1 comment:

fahlyu said...

Thanks for uploading! Clubbox isn't working great for me today (_ _;; lol@the clip XD Definitely can't wait to watch the whole episode. And of course it's ok that you use it! ^_^ I had completely forgotton that I had uploaded that ^^;;