December 30, 2006

new solos & Xmas SC

[EDIT]: Updated the treasure box with these SC clips from the 2006.12.19 Xmas special: opening [5 MB], Ya3 bit [47 MB], Hikaru in Junior ni Q [15 MB], closing [17 MB]. =)
Hikaru and Yabu performed two new solos last Sunday: Gentles (?) and Arashi no Carnival. Hikaru gets a funky song and Yabu gets... a little dangerous at the end of his solo. LOL Still it's better than the crotch touching thing. XD It would be awesome if Shoon and Taiyô got to perform two new solos themselves next time, but from Kindai's pic it seems we'll have another performance of Te wo tsunaide yukô. Not that I mind, really. I love that song and I want to see if Shoon and Yabu will or will not hold hands in the same way they did on Shônen Club. Yes, it was quite a peculiar way of holding hands, different from the way Yabu held hands with Hikaru, and from the way Hikaru held hands with Taiyô. Oh, well, then again perhaps it was just something random, or perhaps it's me and my Yamabu obsession. XDDD Anyway, I'll shut up and let you watch the livestage. Oh, almost forgot. ^^ I ripped both songs separately (with no Katô Kan voice in between XD) and uploaded the performance too:
And I also wanted to comment a little on the Christmas SC special. It was mostly old SC performances, so I cut those out and tried to leave in the main Ya3 bits, which include a silly but cute opening with all the juniors, Ya3 reading some fan postcards, Hikaru in the Junior ni Q special (I LOVE his current haircut), and the ending, which was silly but cute too. XD By the way, for the Yamabu fans out there... notice how Shoon (or rather his voice) woots when Yabu is reading a postcard in which the fan's nicknam is "Yabu's big fan". ^^B Ne, was that you who wrote the card, Shoon? =p


alei said...

Hey Irea !!
Thanks for sharing these videos !! <3 and the mp3's!! <3 ~~~
O! Btw, I hope u dun mind, I found u in LJ, so I added u to my friend list ~~ Well, takle care and have a good day ! (^^)

Anonymous said...

Your site is awesome! So organized too. I had so much trouble finding fan sites for ya-ya-yah. So happy when I found yours.
Do you know where I could get subs for that 2nd video? It would be so much easier for me...onegaishimasu :)

fatalblue said...

heh...I really like hikaru's solo very fun. Thanks for ripping it.

And I've just notice that the people in the audiences were mimicing hikaru's hand movements in the song

Shin said...


enjoy every moment of this year!!

never forget your precious memories of 2006

yasmin said...

thanks for sharing these videos.
happy new year Irea!!!

Anonymous said...

thank you for the mp3s!
yabu and hikaru's solos are really great.

do you happen to have the MP3 for sekai ga hitotsu ni naru made? when they performed it recently?
if you do, thanks a lot!! ^^

Anonymous said...

i was also wondering, how come the files are avi now, when it used to be wmv?

Anonymous said...

oh!! and happy new year!! =]

chic_flick said...

Mediafire doesn't work for me... Would it be a bother to upload Gentles somewhere else? If it is, then nevermind...

Sorry and thank you!