January 26, 2007

2007.01.21 live stage

[EDIT 3]: okay, part 2 of 2007.01.21 is up now. =)
[EDIT 2]: Something went wrong when I started uploading the latest show this morning and I had to start all over again *cries*. Anyway, I've updated the videos section with a download link for the first part (which you can watch with VLC player), added SC performances courtesy of Yungboy (thanks a mil! =)), and also reuploaded 2004.10.31 and 2005.02.06, as requested by Maya (I'll reupload the onigokko next, okay? =)). To Stan: yeah, that SBM commercial was cut from one of the shows. I'll reupload it for the next update either way.
[EDIT] And i case someone wants to download the livestage... click here [35 MB]
I'll update the whole show tomorrow, but I thought I'd post the livestage tonight. It was very nice: they sang Te wo tsunaide yukô and Itoshii no Playgirl at the studio but in between there's footage from the New Year concert! =)


alei said...

awww ~~ Thanks for uploading the video <3 Ya 3 LIVE = love
hehe ~ and ur taiyo b-day post is cute (^^) I totaly agree that he has matured now into something other than wat ppl think as a "baka" .. but I also kinda miss his baka self XD haha ~~~ it was super cute and that's wat made me fall for him in the 1st place XD haha ~~~

kins said...

hey there!
just wanna say THANKS.
i d-ed the live stage.
must watch it before i go for work.
THANKS once again.
if only i could update my blog as often as you do.
been so busy with work till i didnt post any birthday post for TAIYO.
but yea.
THANKS once again.

myri_chan@LJ said...

I'll take the live stage now *_* *can't resist* (it sucks that i can see it 6 hours from now, because of school -_-)

Anonymous said...

thx a lot~~

sorry to ask
but i do want the last 3 SC dat u haven't added to ur treasure box yet


Anonymous said...

oh! i'm sorry
i mean the last 2 SC which are 07.01.14 and 07.01.21
and do u have PRIDE SUMMER GP epi with starred by super hot sexy SHOON~ ?

many THX!!

Anonymous said...

Thankyou for this! Though.. is the link for .001 of this Yax3 show a bit wonky? =/
Thankyou fro the livestage aswell! It was really enjoyable.

Maya said...

Thank you for the reuploads!!!