January 30, 2007

comments, mp3s, & Yabucchi pix

Thanks to P_G I've updated the mp3s section with a good number of songs. =) Go check it!
Also, I won't post my "happy b-day Yabucchi" entry till tomorrow, but I have some presents to give away: namely wonderful pix snagged from LJH, scanned by FIREYEH, so credits go to her. =) Chinese people are really generous and share a lot. ^___^
Just some teasers 'cause it's like 48 pics in total, and it would be a lot of work to make thumbnails with links for all. ^^U (right-click to see the full size pics)
1. Bad boy Yabu at One! The History of Tackey. ^^B 2. Wearing that new wonderful orange-black-red outfit at the New Year concert. ^^B 3. Shoon and Hikaru cracking up at the Undoukai event (though Hikaru looks like he's crying). XD WTH had happened? 4. Don't right-click on this one, it won't work; it's just a bait to make you go here and get the rest XD (username: shoonbday; password: happybday)

And to finish this entry, replies to your comments as well. =)
Taiyo's sister is 4 years younger then him Wow, so much younger? =o Hm, so she's still a little girl now, barely 12, ne?

I'm glad you liked the header I made for Taiyô's b-day. ^___^ At first I thought of using a picture of him smiling, because everybody loves smiling!Taiyô, but then I also wanted to show the new, mature Taiyô, so that's why I chose a non-smiling pic of him, plus some smaller, less serious pics. =) And well, Taiyô's bakaness was one of the two things that made me adore him at first. The other was his sensitivity. =)
Yes, it's unbelievable when you look at old pictures of Ya-Ya-yah, which aren't really that old (just 4-5 years at the most), and then look at the most recent ones and see how they've grown. =)
That pic from the New Year concert booklet in which Shoon standing alone on one side and the other 3 on the other makes me feel sad too. T__T Don't worry. Shoon totally works that left page on his own XD
LOL He does. ;-) And I've always had this thing for "lonewolves", because they're so mysterious that it makes them more attractive. XD
Well, I think Taiyô's getting more popular in the fandom little by little. =) He deserves it too. He's a great guy.
I've made a wallpaper in memorial of his bday too so if anyone wants it please visit my site XD
I think I visited it sometime ago but can't remember the URL. ^^ Please tell me so I can go visit. =)
I saw your translation about the Myojo rankings in the ya3 comm and read it. Thanks so much!! ^^BBB I still have to reply your comments and your e-mail, though. ^^U I'm so slow. -__-U Please forgive me. Yes, Hikaru's popularity has increased like wow, but it's no wonder, ne? He's a very likeable person and so funny. =) It is indeed a bit disappointing that Yabu did not get into many rankings. =( It's strange, with him being the leading Junior now. ^^? And yes, yay for Shoon!: 4th strongest Jr ^^BBB, 5th best in kimono Jr (so true! XD), 5th most intelligent Jr. (and Yabucchi was 3rd, I think ^^B), 3rd with best fashion sense (I'd say 1st XD)
I'm very happy you liked the entry I wrote for Taiyô's b-day. ^___^ And yes, you're right: he doesn't fit the baka role anymore. =)
I think the four Ya-Ya-yah members are very interesting people, and it's great that we've seen them literally grow before our eyes, and I don't mean physically, but in the sense of maturing. ^__^ I like watching them, and trying to understand why they are the way they are. =) And yes, they should make a single unit with Taiga, Shintarô, Ryotarô, Ryosuke and Yûto as you say. =)
You're welcome for the downloads and everything. =) So you're working too? What is your profession? Actually I can't update the blog as often as I'd like to, but it helps me to relax and there's some really nice people like Yungboy, Yuantim, and P_G who collaborate with me uploading videos, mp3 files, sending me scans to share with others... =)
anonymous: There was no SC on 07.01.21. There are only 2 SC episodes per month, and they air on the first 2 Sundays of each month. And yes, you can download the Pride Summer Grand Prix at the videos section. =) It's one of my favourites. ^____^
You're welcome for the reuploading. =) If you see any more dead links, please do tell me. ^__^
Yamabu hand holding is a whole lot different then Hikabu! It so IS. XD By the way, have you seen that Fiona has uploaded a high quality version of that livestage to her clubbox? ^^B And OMG, yes, Shoon is definitely trying to kill us with the finger lip thing! XD
anonymous: Is the link for .001 of this Yax3 show a bit wonky? =/ ?___? What do you mean wonky? You've joined both parts, ne?
I think I have that Shokura clip in the videos section. If it isn't tell me and I'll upload it. =)
Glad you liked my silly fangirly video. XD Yamabu for the win! LOL
Shoon isn't good at bowling isn't he? LOL but Yabucchi is so COOL!
Ah, I know, poor Shoon! XD He was having a bad day it seemed. I think he got nervous after the second time he failed. I'd say Yabu had an amazing bout of luck, but in my opinion it's Taiyô who's really good at bowling (at least that's what I've concluded from all the episodes in which they've played bowls), as are the Ungirls. XD
I really like "Yamabu" >W<~~ Yay! ^^BBB We should make a club or something. XD *thinks of starting a Yamabu LJ community*
Hikaru is incredibly funny. I love all those faces he makes. XD And yes, Kawai's mimicry was amazing! ^___^

I've rewatched that part like half a dozen times. XD
You're welcome for the reuploads. =) I'll reupload the onigokko this week.
Thanks for commenting! ^___^ I'm glad you liked the fangirly video. XD I like laughing at my fangirliness.

putting Yamada and Yuto apart into 2 groups is something ridiculous~ i can say that these two group almost perform together in the same song! So true! It's silly indeed.
i cant wait for Yamada-kun to grow up he'll sure a handsome & sexy guy (i juz promise to myself dat i'll keep my life up to those days XD)
You're in for a long wait! XD He's just 13, ne?

I think X-Dame 'll be a good song if they cut all of repeated "Dame" out XD Hmmm... Perhaps. *thinks* Nah, it would still be a bad song. XD

Your blog in a short time has single-handedly turned me in to major ya3 fangirl. no longer a mild interest or amusment but my new gulity pluesure! XD
*is flattered* Wow! Thank you! ^^BBB They are the best, all four of them, aren't they? ^___^
Yes, Hikaru could totally go for a comedian career if one day he gets tired of singing and dancing. XD And I myself cracked up with the Jun Matsumoto mimicry. He dances exactly like that, ne?
X-dame... the dancing looks like some half baked excused for parapara ( someone get richie and the parapara all stars...QUICK!)
LOL So true! I love how all the juniors were hardly repressing amused smiles, especially Yabu and Totsu. XD
PS: More Yabu-surprises tomorrow. ;-)


keifuXueda said...

OMG. Can I cry at Yabu's sexiness?! xD he's gone from the biggest cutie to sexy~! I LOVE the 4th picture! That picture made me smile so much when I saw it *^^* Thank you so much for pictures and the uploads! =]

BTW: I LOVE the Header/Banner on your page =] Yabu is so cute!!!

Geri said...

EEEEE <3333 awesome pictures~~~~~ :D

uwaaah! the Yabu header is so cute (^^) and that quote thing in the corner from BnS made me *squee* when i saw it!!!! XDDD

mimimoodymoon said...


You`re such an evil creature!!!
Now I NEED to go and take a HUGE and DEEP look in the ya-ya-yah album...
(*dying because Yabu is sooooo sexy*)

Anonymous said...

is there any of Shoon one in this collection?

fahlyu said...


I think the open shirt one killed me. XD (until I saw the other one with his ribs showing ;__;)

♥ the header too btw. ;D

Mai-chan said...

Irea, after being a fan of Jr. for a few monthes
i juz have figured out that Japanese boys grow so slow!
when i was 13, many of my friends get more than 170 cm and someone is almost 180 cm
but Yamada-kung is still a tiny boy
do u think so?

YUI said...

SANKYUUU<3 so much for all the yabu pictures<3
esp the 4th one. i nearly died. he's getting so HAWT day by day!!<3

i bought a small cake for yabu too! LOL! he's too much love to not buy a cake for<3 ^ ^* (i'm starting to like yabu MORE and MORE that it's scary >.<'' it's all yamabu's fault! and you know i wasn't very interested in boy-boy love in the past! *smacks yamabu* XDD) And about the emails, nahh, it's really okays... take your time! Are you feeling any better abt that matter? I hope you did. ^ ^B

I am so glad that the No.1 for the Lover title was hikaru. At least it's someone from YA3, of course, and the fact that i <3 hikaru too. LOL! It difficult to not like such a sweet person like hikaru. He has cute rows of teeth! really ^ ^*

and about yabu... i saw from somewhere, that someone said things like isn't he the leading Jr. but cant even pwns the charts. It seriously hurts me alot. *pats yabucchi* arghghgh! >.<'' why do people have to be so mean? *cringes*

shoon is very fashionable. We all know it, i really think all he lacks of is the popularity for enough fangirls to vote for him for this. So he didnt get No.1 *consoles self* Btw, do you think (or they are) that miyata and shoon are good friends? LOL! that's just something random<3

okays, that's all<3
You take care!! ^ ^*

Anonymous said...

can i ask you something?
i think its the latest sc where yabu sang arashi no carnival n hikaru sang the song gentles... during itoshi no playgirl, do you notice when shoon looked at hikaru and hikaru looked at shoon and how yabu react after that?

is it just me.... or did something happened?

gah... i think i must read to much fan fic of yamabu in one day... =)
whutever it is.. i hope its still yamabu not shokaru (^_^)

YUI said...

^anonymous: i think i know where and what you are refering to. i saw it too! but i cant be certain was it something going on or not. LOL! But it's rather cute<3

kins said...

doumo! kins des. (: yea. i work at Takashimaya's Watsons. Your Personal Store i work as a sales asisstant(right spelling?) yea. to me its ok. the pple who work there are quite warm, friendly and bearable. so i dont mind.

anyhow, im working till i feel like it. heh.

btw, the photos. oh my. yabu! i wanted to update my blog but seriously i come back so late. i'll be so tired. (: but yea. heh. tkcr. (:


YUI said...


are you a singaporean?
PLEASE PLEASE PlEASE SAY YOU ARE... because if you are. I am working in takashimaya too!

j0j0 said...

I think I visited it sometime ago but can't remember the URL. ^^ Please tell me so I can go visit. =)

ive now made a wallpaper for yabu too since it was his bday =D n shoon n hikaru's will be coming soon as well. here's my website. http://www.geocities.com/j0j0_star ull hav to go the links page and then to gifts and under collections. hope u like it XD

Maya said...

Hello! I've decided to take part of the ya-ya-yah campaign and i asked my mom to read the japanese one and my mom (shes japanese) told me that the address was wrong, but long as it says "NHK" on it, it should be fine, but shes going to double check the address with the other shows she watches. xD
She told me the basic ones were right but definatly not "denshidai".
I'll tell you once she finds out the address.
(I'm bad with kanji xD haha)