March 29, 2007

several things

[EDIT 2]: Somebody told me the link for .002 of the 2007.03.18 ST PF (Hoshi wo Mezashite) was the same as .001. Here's the right link for .002: I already corrected it at the videos section as well.
[EDIT]: the URLs of 3 links of TFP were wrong, but I already corrected them. ^^
Hi! Many things today! ^___^ First, for those of you who are not members of the Shoon daily community I co-mod with my friend Akgla, Shoon around-the-clock, some days ago I posted there a subbed clip of the only "Anata ni o-tegami kakimashô!" Shoon has appeared in so far. That was on the Shônen Club episode of 2005.02.20, and the person he exchanged letters with was Yoshikazu Tôshin. In case you don't know who Tôshin is... well, he's a very nice, shy guy who not so long ago was labelled as one of the "leading juniors" by JE. That didn't mean much, just that he was valued by JE but didn't belong in any group. He used to perform with ABC sometimes on SC, he starred with Shoon in the musical West Side Story, and now he's doing theatre. Anyway, he's a really sweet guy as you'll see from this clipped subbed by Princekira (thanks again!! ^^BBB) [Notice how nervous Shoon was; the hand he was holding the letter with was actually shaking! And his expression of relief when he finishes reading is so cute! ^.^*]
I've posted download links for this clip at the videos section. =)
On to other things... Remember Yuantim, this nice reader who sent me many scans to share with all of you? =) Well, she's sent me some more a few days ago, among them these ones (right-click to see full size), which are a small booklet from the 2007.02 issue of Potato. I haven't had time to read it, but it seems some sort of quiz in which different Johnny's take part, Yabu and Hikaru among them. She wonders if somebody would be so kind as to translate it, or at least the Yabu and Hikaru parts. This is a great occasion for us to give her something in return for her generosity in sharing so many scans, so I hope somebody will fulfil her request. ^___^
courtesy of YUANTIM 1 courtesy of YUANTIM 2 courtesy of YUANTIM 3 courtesy of YUANTIM 4 courtesy of YUANTIM 5 courtesy of YUANTIM 6
I've uploaded these and other scans belonging to that issue here:
And last but not least, I've also added another couple of download links for Shônen Club performances courtesy of Yungboy (thanks as always! ^^BBB) and a big surprise... Akgla, Amarylliszai, Yui, and I have uploaded a high quality version of the 2006 TV show episode of Tokyo Friend Park in which Shoon played games together with the rest of the Satomi Hakkenden cast. Special thanks go to Liching, from LJH, for having uploaded it to her clubbox, which is where we downloaded it from. ^^BBB You can find the links at the videos section too. =)
PS: I'll try and answer all your comments on the next entry. ^^


keifuXueda said...

aww that's an awesome video ^^ he's so cute ne *^^*

side story:: lol in the video, there's that piano background music (Yiruma - Love Me) that was inserted (by princekira maybe?) haha and it was a song i have on my playlist so i thought my music was on ^^;;...i felt a little baka-ish after looking around for my itunes...T__T)

thanks again for sharing~! =D

fatalblue said...

Aww...that was so just cute!
Toshin seems like a really nice guy too :)


YUI said...

The relief and SHY expression when he finished reading~ *dies* SHY. XD

and in the Tokyo Friends Park... as the youngest, he is really so adorable... his behaviour<3 LOL! and the part when the host laughed at him liking tom hankers... LOL! He looked so shy again when they mentioned he joined JE beause of takki XD

I think i have time to do the translation Yuantim wants. It's saturday today<3 And if it's only yabu and hikaru's part... it's short<3 i'll email you okays?

Sue said...

Shoon *O* se nota que estaba nervioso cuando leía ToT me pareció muy tierno!! gracias por los scans ^^

glix said...

Sighh... could anyone tell me where to dl the recent episodes of Shounen club?
*feels deprived*

YUI said...

^to glix:
there is no shounen club for march 2007. the next shounen club will be on 8th april. XD

Anonymous said...

I know is this random but how do you download stuff from Mofile? I hope you don't mind me asking that?

You have a nice Ya3 Blog and thank you for the scans!

Yuki said...

awww why is shoon-kun so cute? lol I never knew he was a big eater. He has a nice semi-muscular body but it just never really occured to me that he'd eat alot lol. aww is he talking about one of those tomogatchi games? I like toshin too now lol

OMG! did you see that smile Shoon had in the Tokyo Friend Park??? the one after he was giving a hint for the guess the song game? *faints* someone please stop his exsistence! its too much! lol

glix said...

!! Why is there no SC? I didn't know that o.O

No wonder I don't see any writings/ comments about them.