March 17, 2007

spot the differences

Can you spot the differences between these two covers of the 2004.11 Wink Up issue? ;-)
Basically the only difference is that Taiyô's head is cocked a little to the side on the one on the right. XD No, this is not a "spot the differences" game. The cover on the left belongs to the Japanese edition of Wink Up, and the one on the right to the Taiwanese edition of the same magazine. What is interesting is that sometimes the pics on each edition are not just slightly different. Want an example? Same issue, different angles. [left, Japanese edition; right, Taiwanese edition]
I had heard once of a Taiwanese edition of Wink Up, but thought the photos in them were the same. Then one day, when I was organizing and labelling the scans on my hard disk I realized some that I almost sent to the trash bin because they seemed the same pictures were not actually the same! The Ya3 collector in me went crazy. There are even more Ya3 pics out there than I had thought! XD Now I squeal whenever I come accross Taiwanese WU pics because they are so hard to find online! Come this way to see some more examples. =] It's really interesting - or at least for a mad collector like me it is. XD;;; Anyway, the real aim of this entry is to share with you all both scans of both editions of the issue mentioned above (2004.11 WU). Credits go to Yuantim (thanks once again), and to Tadashi, from LJH). Click here.
Also, Yungboy has kindly uploaded some more SC clips (thanks so so much ^^BBB), and you can find them at the videos section. =]
PS to KeifuxUeda: Yes, please, I'd be very thankful if you sent me the link for that mp3 rip. =)


rin_3 said...

what a ... discovery!!! <3 xD lol lol
XDDDD hahha. XD


alei said...

waaah !!!! I didn't know that XD no wonder when i looked on the internet and found pics that were not in the magazines I have XD Thanks for sharing that information ... but isn't it kinda strange ?? they should just keep the magazines with the same pics ~~ huhuhu ~~

Anonymous said...

Whoh! .. I never knew there's any dfferences :O

Theo-chan said...

Yeah I had the exact same WOAH REVALATION feel a couple weeks back when I was looking at some old WUTaiwan&Japan NEWS shots. I remember going, "EH?!" xD Thankyou for sharing the scans ^_^v

yuantim said...

I just checked through my clippips and whoa!! I did miss some scans! Must be because I used a temp cache to scan and drap drop from that folder and some of the scans go lost from there...oh well I scanned the MIA ones today and sent a link to you. enjoy! Oh, also I included the 2007 Feb scan of a booklet from Potato. I am hoping someone very fluent in Japanese can translate that? Onegai?

ミツカイ said...


Gahr, just think of all the scans I've skipped because I thought they were the same as another one. D:

Thanks for sharing.

keifuXueda said...


it's like the world was just reborn!! O__o!! haha thanks for sharing!! and to think that we've been missing out on the million+ of the other pictures that we haven't seen...T__T lol i guess it's time to catch up!

oh btw, I sent you an email for the link!! if there are any other mp3s that you would like I can upload what I have...although you might have them already ne ^^;;

mai-chan said...

hi agian ^^
wow!!! i've never seen this before

i'm so miss all of chibi YA3
but where's shoon anyway :(

plus++ i still haven't watch the ya3 live ToT
my dial up is so suck >*<

it's about a month until i'll come back to my university
then... it's my time to DL everything like i used to haha!!

hairband said...

Haha haven't really commented in a loooong time.



I like the Taiwanese ones better XDXD

(Has sudden burst of Taiwanese pride that doesn't even make sense since it has nothing to do with anything. = =)