April 09, 2007

yesterday's SC performances

I still have to cut and upload some very funny sections from yesterday's SC, but in the meantime you can watch and download yesterday's Ya3 performances at my new site, which is now officially open. *throws confetti* You can also download mp3 rips of those performances there. =]

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YUI said...

i like how they are being introduced one by one just like how KAT-TUN was before they debut<3 and shoon's hair is long but nice! MOE~~~ *have a fetish for guys with long hair*

It's funny watching them sing start! after they had songs like Itoshi no PLAYGIRL<3 The game part!! did you see how timid shoon was when they are pumping their opponent's balloon?! LOL! he merely pump slowly.. and only twice and he NEVER attempt to do it again. But he hide behind... covering his ears! LOL! it was cute to see him doing that though. haha! And the way he poked senga with his mic was MOE~~~~ XD

AND! the shiroyabu, kurotome. XD i was squealing and squealing when i watched that. Aren't they cute<3 And i love yabu's solo... maybe the lightings and the ft2'as backdancing, it made the song so beautiful<3 Prince yabu<3

OH YES! i forgot to comment about the mags... the one that yabu pinned up his hair. the yamabu one... don't yabu look like a princess? XDD