July 05, 2007

07.06.30 LS: Ima susumou!

AT LAST a real Ya3 livestage! XD And Ima susumou as well. ;-) It was great to see them perform this song again.
And it was a bit different from the time they performed it on Shounen Club - well, just in the "woh-woh-wohs", but yeah. XD There was a little Yamabu moment even! ^^B Taiyô is gotten so much more natural, and I love how much Hikaru gets into his bad boy rocker role when he goes on stage. LOL Yabu is starting to scare me with being so handsome, and Shoon... no words are needed for Shoon, really. ;-) Oh, and you MUST watch Tuesday's Hyakushiki, because Taiyô and Shoon were amazingly cute and funny. They were so relaxed. =] I want the Ya3 show to be like that. They even made a report on their own. No silly comedians, no NEWS member in the role of MC... just the two of them. It should show the Ya-Ya-yah show producers that they don't need babysitters anymore. =p They're perfectly able of pulling out the show by themselves.
But I'm digressing... ^^U Anyway, here are some screencaps (click on them to see the actual frame size and quality) of the livestage, credits of which go to the wonderful Haruka. =] If you want to download the clip and maybe the mp3 too, head to Singin' For You. =D Enjoy!
vlcsnap-80898 vlcsnap-80021

vlcsnap-78132 vlcsnap-76539