July 16, 2007

2005 HQ LS + SC clip

One of these days I'll have to make a glossary of the acronyms I use... because I use far too many. ^^UUU Anyway, I've posted at Mitsukai's site, Singin' for You, another high-quality livestage from 2005, courtesy of my good friend Yungboy. ^___^ It's from the 2005.02.06 show, in which J.J.Express (Asaka was still there - I miss him! T__T) performed Yell!, and Ya-Ya-yah performed Start.
There are two things I like about this livestage. The first one is that, being a HQ clip, you can recognize most of the juniors doing the backdancing -I was like "oh, that's Nika! Oh, and that's Senga!" when I was watching it. XD The second one is that Ya-Ya-yah are all wearing casual clothes. It would be nice if they let them wear casual clothes now and then on stage, like Hikaru usually does when he performs Gentles.
Speaking of which... I've also uploaded Yabu and Hikaru's performance from the 2nd Osaka SC (2007.07.08). Yabu sang Arashi no Carnival, though he was a bit too serious. Why? Because he was missing Shoon of course! XD *gets bricked* Hikaru, as I said, sang Gentles, and he was just brilliant. I'm a big fan of his singing, and everytime he sings that song I like it even more. ^___^ As always, you'll find it at Never Stop the Music. =]