October 07, 2007

a letter to Mr. Kitagawa

Dear Mr. Kitagawa,

if you’re not too busy trying to bury the Showa era, thinking of clever puns and acronyms, like Hey! Say! and J.U.M.P. (Johnny’s Ultra Music Power? ... Pffft! what the heck!), or trying to come up with new combinations with the word “kitty” for new group names, I’d like you to take a moment and look at the face of Yabu Kôta on this clip. It’s a bit from the press conference held after the H!S!JUMP debut was announced, from the day that was supposed to be one of the happiest days in his life. (?)

May I suggest that in the future you don’t divide the juniors into groups? What’s the point if later on you will dispose of this and that member to make a new group debut, like one makes a salad, choosing only certain leafs of the lettuce?

In the meantime, please don’t give hopes to juniors and fans just to crush them later on. We know you run a business, but you’re dealing with people who have feelings; not grain sacks.

Yours sincerely,

PS: In case you can’t see Yabu’s face well in this streaming video, I’ve uploaded it just for you. The image quality is much better on the original 720x480 clip. Click


Yes, poor Yabucchi looked like he was trying really hard not to cry. ;___; Anyway. I’m going to break a promise I made to Aki, but it’s for a good reason. I told her the Shoon&Taiyô Ya3 support header would stay until we knew what’s going to happen to them, but even for me it was getting too depressing to see it every day. ;__; I want to be positive. That’s why I’ve made a new support header with all of Ya3, the nicknames they came up with when they dreamed of their next concert, and a motto the Japanese Ya3 fans use a lot: 4=1. Because the 4 of them together are as 1. ^__^ If you missed Taiyô’s 6th anniversary header, you can still see it below. =]

2007septheader4 2007oct6anivtaiyo

And because we need to cheer up, I want to share with you ZANSANHANE’s latest scans:
2007.11 Duet :: 2007.11 Potato :: 2007.11 Wink Up