October 25, 2007


Dear Taiyô,

I’ve been thinking about you all day today and yesterday; worrying.

I don’t want to watch the November SCs. I’ve been thinking of your fans, of how down they must be feeling. You better have a good reason for not showing up for the recording, okay? .___. I haven’t seen Tina around in the last couple of days, and I’m a bit worried for her too, because she’s one of your biggest fans, you know.

There’s something about your fans that makes them dear to me. I think people who love somebody as good-hearted as you are have to be good-hearted themselves. There’s not that many people nowadays that value innocence and kindness. Some actually equate being good and naive to being a fool. The world belongs to those who are shrew, to those who don’t care about stepping on others to get where they want to get to. You have to be rude, you have to be tough, you have to be ambitious. I don’t want to have anything to do with such people. I’d rather spend my time in the company of somebody calm and unassuming; somebody like you.

I know Shoon loves you very much —it just shows in those warm smiles he flashes at you, and in the way he smiles fondly when you are not looking— and so does Yabu —it’s obvious you’re closer to him than Hikaru is, even if JE wants us to believe they’re as close as twins— and so does Hikaru —even if he enjoys teasing you— and so do I. I never knew how much in fact until I learned you were not present at the recording of the November SCs.

I know it’s a clichè to compare you to the sun, but you really are like the sun. You make everything brighter and warmer with your presence. I want more sunny days, so please, be back. I’ll be waiting for you.

[this is from a lame, Spanish talent TV show, but I love this guy’s voice (his name is Sergio Rivero) and I love this song, so this song is for you, Taiyô, and for all your fans ^__^]