November 20, 2007

the sinking ship

These days I have such mixed feelings. I added a couple of image links to the navigation bar just now; “support Ya-Ya-yah” links. I felt both proud and guilty when I refreshed the page and looked at the result. Proud because they represent the fans love and dedication; guilty because, after reading something my friend Scribe wrote a couple of days ago, I wonder if my obstination —or rather, the obstination of Japanese fans like me— might be hurting those I love —those we love.

You know, this is my ship, and it’s sinking, but I’ve decided to go down with it, like captains do. Soon it will be a ghost ship laying on the bottom of the sea, which doesn’t mean it will be boring, though. I’ll throw under-the-sea parties with Sebastian the crab, and Flounder, and brightly-coloured sea fish and we’ll watch old Ya3 shows and look at old pictures and talk and laugh until dawn. And on full-moon nights the ship will float back to surface and Yabu, Hikaru, Shoon, and I hope Taiyô too, will come to visit to tell us how they’re doing.

You don’t have to sink with me, though, of course. I’ll be here for those of you who need comfort, those of you who still need to “mourn” —because yes, for some people it takes longer to move on—, those who want to come now and then to remember, and those who want to come with me on full moon nights up to the surface. Scribe has written a post that I’d like you to read, because she says some things that I agree with, even though they hurt, but I don’t have the heart to acknowledge them openly here. It’s good to have other points of view. You may agree with them, you may not, but I think it’s good to take other points of view into account.

That said, I put up those support image links because, even though it may not change a thing, the obstinate part of me wants to protest against the way JE has done this. I just want to give that chance to those of you who need to do it too and want to show your support.

Please click here if you want to read Scribe’s post.

And to end this on a less gloomy note... here are some scans. =] *makes note to upload the other Yabu and Hikaru December scans* These are from the 2004.07 issue of Duet, and you can win this set if you take part in Shoon’s 19th b-day contest. ;-) This is one of my favourites. It has ShoonxYabu pics, which is a rare occurrence, it has the cutest HikaruxTaiyô pic ever [the small one], and the title of the article is very beautiful too: Bokura wa kyôdai ni natta! (“We’ve become brothers”). It refers to how they grew closer when they staged Stand by Me, but I’m sure that’s true for them. =]

Comments are very much appreciated if you take them, even if it’s only a ^___^ or ♥♥♥. All image links below open in a new window. If you want to post them somewhere else it's okay as long as you credit me for the scanning. No need to credit if you want to make icons, graphics, or translations.