November 11, 2007

today's SC

edit 3: download links of the videos and mp3 rips of the streaming clips I posted, in case anyboy wants them:

edit 2: Oh, God, the infamy of it! How could they do that to Shoon? I'm so ticked off right now I'd start punching like mad if I had a punching ball in front of me! I was excited when I read that Shoon would be taking part not just in the SC theme medley and the closing song, but also in Wanna, the opening song of this second November SC. That meant, I thought, a little more screentime for him than on the first one. I also wanted him to be on the stage even if just for a couple of minutes at the same time Yabu and/or Hikaru were there... but not with the whole damn HSJ!!

Please forgive my language if you are an HSJ fan, and again I swear I have nothing against them, but... How hard must that have been for him? First he had to sing in his Himawari outfit. I don't hate that one as much as I hate others Ya-Ya-yah have had to wear, but it's kind of clownish and old, and being unmatched with anybody else on the stage for sure had to give him a feeling of loneliness. Then they give him a couple of lines in the song, then the whole rap part is given to KMF2 and ABC. Why not include him in that? Was that too much to ask?

For God's sake, rapping is one of Shoon's strong points! He sang the whole rap part of this song in a Ya3 livestage! Instead, he had to remain dancing in the background, very much alone. And then the whole of HSJ barge in, like a tsunami, taking over most of the stage. The camera sweeps across the stage, but hmmm... how strange, Shoon is conveniently cut off from the shot. Then he has to step back to the background of the stage until at one point, finally, all the juniors have to leave the stage so that HSJ can shine properly, and, thank God, Shoon's ordeal comes to its end.

I'm not imagining things. Did you notice the look on his face during this performance? He looked like he was at his own funeral. My heart broke seeing that. But then, not even somebody as strong as Shoon can smile in a situation like that.

I'm actually amazed that he was able to gather the strength to pull the brave smiles he managed to pull for the other performances he took part in. And he gave his very best in them. Keep on fighting, Shoon! We're all with you.

edit: The theme medley of this SC: Power medley. Quite a lot of good songs, and quite a lot of Shoon. ^^BBB

This performance of Vanilla - Burn it Up was kind of chaotic. ^^;;; I was really happy to hear the audience squealing when the camera focused on Shoon and Nika. They didn't squeal at anybody else. ;-) Will update this entry, so check back again later.