February 27, 2008


山下翔央, Yamashita Shoon, Ya-Ya-yah
EDIT: I've added a couple of screencaps from Sweet Den of Premiere. =]

I really, really wanted to go to Japan in May to see Shoon’s play, but I’ve checked and it clashes with my work schedule. I’m translating a book series and I’ll have a deadline to meet by that time. T___T ごめんね、パペット。I feel as if I’m letting you down, Shoon, because this is so important for you -__- ... BUT I’m sure this play is going to be a great success, and I’m hoping there will be others, so I’ll be there for the next one. =] ヤクソク!(You have my word!) And Yui is going, so I’m counting on her to share with us a full, first-hand report. ^3^

So I won’t be able to be there, but it’s still so exciting to see this dream taking shape! =] Dream, yes, because I’d been dreaming of Shoon having a chance like this for such a long time! It’s really exciting to little by little find out new details about this play. [The pic below is the official logo of the play]

At first I thought it was a good chance for Shoon —especially in the situation he was left in after HSJ’s debut and Ya-Ya-yah’s break-up—, but not as big a chance as West Side Story was because Arashi starred in it too. Now I’m starting to think that this play might not be as big a thing as WSS was, but it looks like it will be a better chance for Shoon to demonstrate his acting skills. Why? Well, most of us wondered if the fact that his name was placed before Kazama’s, Yonehana’s and Machida’s meant anything, and it appears it does: Shoon has the leading role in the play! *dances* Not for any special reason, really, just practical reasons, script requirements actually, but the point is that being the leading actor in the play he’ll have a LOT more lines than he had in WSS, and he’ll get the chance to shine more, of course, as the focus will be on him. ^__^

What are those script requirements? Okay, I’m getting to that now. At first when I learned the title was “Full House” I immediately thought of the American 90s sitcom, and I thought: “nah, that can’t be.” Then I learned there was a manga/anime titled “Full House Kiss”, and a Korean drama titled “Full House”, but neither seemed to fit with a play with 4 male characters. Well, none of those have anything to do with this play... because it’s is an original play, meaning that it isn't based on any book or TV series, and it hasn’t been staged before. The Fuji TV site has a section about the current and upcoming theatrical events and “Full House” is listed there now. ^o^ There’s a short summary of the play (see below), which loosely says that it’s about a high-schooler who gets stuck with three young men who don’t know where their lives are heading. It says “明日が見えない三人の若者”, which literally means “three young people who don’t see tomorrow”, but that makes no sense, so I’ve opted for assuming they’re having an existential crisis or something because later it says they are standing at a crossroad in their lives (“人生の岐路に立つ三人の若者”. It also mentions the names of the four characters: 理編, the high-schooler (I think that’s pronounced Rihen?), and the 3 young men are called 聖矢 (Seiya), アンディ(Andy), and ケムマキ( Kemumaki). I wrote "gets stuck" because apparently they get stuck together in a cabin in the mountains or something like that according to a longer description of the story from the Tokyo Globe site that I need to read slowly because I don't get all that is said there. ^^;;;


[edit] (thanks to Sohee for helping with a translation of this! ^__^) Three young men who can't see a future for themselves; a high-schooler that gets stuck with them...
"Our lives... really... are they what they should be?"
"What they should be... no, they aren't, but... Well, what should we do???"
"Full house" is an absurd story about three young men (Seiya, Andy, and Kemumaki) who are standing at a crossroad in their lives, and a highschooler (Rihen) who gets stuck with them. [end of edit]

So if there’s a high-schooler in the play that has to be Shoon because Kazama, Yonehana, and Machida are all older than him, and Shoon graduated from High School just a year ago. =] Perhaps he’ll be wearing a school uniform in the play. ^3^ That would be cute, wouldn’t it?

Other thing that makes me excited is the promotion this play should entail. To begin with, it seems that last night, at a show called Sweet Den of Premiere (プレミアの巣窟), they aired a pre-recorded clip with Shoon promoting the play!! I’m so hoping somebody recorded it and it will pop up at some clubbox or something. *__* I’ve been checking, but no luck yet. If you remember, last year this show aired a short report of the Daibouken.

[edit] SORA, a Japanese blogger who is a fan of Massu, Ya-Ya-yah, and Shoon, watched the show and took a couple of screencaps. Shoon looks so grown up and handsome and proud. ^3^ Oh, and what I read on a Japanese blog about his having a new pendant/necklace is true. I have a feeling this one is a Goro's one too, or actually it might be the eagle one with a different type of chain/necklace. Hmmm... Shoon do you want to drive me crazy with so many necklaces/pendants in so little time? [end of edit]

And hopefully this is just the beginning. There will probably be articles in Wink Up, Duet, and Potato —what about you, Myojo?— with joint interviews with Shoon, Kazama, Yonehana, and Machida, like there were joint interviews with Tôshin and Shoon, or Shoon and Sakurai Sho for WSS. Hopefully there will also be interviews in magazines like Top Stage and others, there’s going to be a pamphlet of the play of course, which apparently will be B5 size and cost 800 yens. If the TV Tokyo folks were the nice guys I think they are, they should air a little promotional snippet or something of the play in the Hi!Hey!Say! show, just for the sake of old times, because Shoon was almost 5 years in the Ya-Ya-yah show, but I’m afraid this is just wishful thinking on my part. Oh, well, hopefully other shows will promote the play like Sweet Den of Premiere? Please? *makes puppy eyes* Since I can’t go, I need to have some form of audiovisual memory that Shoon was in this.

Oh, and I have hopes for the April Shounen Club as well. Back in 2004 Shoon and Tôshin read letters to each other in the Anata ni o-tegami kakimashô! segment, which was obviously to pimp them a bit as they were going to star in the WSS musical that year. So hopefully in April we’ll have another Anata ni o-tegami kakimashô! with Shoon. With whom? I’d love it to be Yabu or Hikaru, but if it happens most likely it would be Reon, which would be more than fine with me too. ^___^v

And on a bit of a sour note... Why are some fans so mean? Since the news of this play came out I’ve been checking Japanese blogs for more information and reactions. I’m checking not just Shoon-related fanblogs, but also Kazama fanblogs and MA fanblogs, and these are not always kind to Shoon. Some complain that he’s too young as “he isn’t even 20”. Please, he’ll be in ten months; what’s the big deal? *rolls eyes* Some MA fans are upset Shoon and Kazama are in it instead of the other two MA members. Okay, I can understand that, because if only Yabu and Hikaru had been chosen to star in Stand by Me that would not have been fair, but MA has had other plays together, haven’t they, and interaction with other people is always enriching, so why not? Shoon will surely learn a lot from Yonehana and Machida, and I’m sure Kazama and Shoon are happy for this chance to work together again. And finally, another thing that stings, is seeing some of these fans complain that Shoon doesn’t have enough acting experience. Well, that’s hardly his fault, is it? And how on earth is he going to get it if he doesn’t get any chances? Bleh. I suppose it’s just better to ignore these people.

Oh, and I almost forgot: JE has finally updated their site with info about this play (click on the screencap on the left). About time too. They really are slow. ^^ The other screencap is from the Fuji TV site and it has all the necessary info too if you want to get tickets for the play (for 8000, 7000, or 5000 yens at the Globe Theatre, and for 8000 or 7000 yens at the Hyogo Performing Arts Center).

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PS: Sorry I have so many comments to reply. m(_ _)m I’ve been very busy with work.

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