July 29, 2008

September's SC

山下翔央, Yamashita Shoon, Ya-Ya-yah
[edit] I had included this in the entry at first, then cut it because I wasn't sure, and now I'm adding it back. I think the ring Shoon was wearing at the recording of the September SC can be seen on yesterday's Hyakushiki episode. (see screencap below) I had doubts, wondering if if it was just part of the hand piece they were wearing as part of the archery equipment, but Sanada's doesn't seem to have any decoration, so my guess is Shoon put on the hand piece, and then slid the ring back on his finger. If that is the ring it's very cool, with those silver arabesques. =)[end of edit]

First of all, sorry I'm posting so much these days. ^^ I seem to find things I want to blog about every time I post an entry. ^^

Anyway. Neriel has sent me another batch of Shoon pics from the 2003 Pattaya Music Festival. Thanks so much again, Neriel! ^___^ It was a lucky day indeed when our paths met. Click here for the 2003 Pattaya Music Festival folder.

You can see some previews below. The first pic is HUGE, and you need to see it in full size because it shows the most perfect three quarters profile and the prettiest nose you've ever seen. ^__^ The one of him making the V sign on the bus has become one of my personal favourites. =)

fanart by NerielNeriel also sent me this so very cute piece of fanart as well, a chibified pic of Shoon wearing what I call his "Egyptian Prince outfit". ^3^ It made me think of Bre's latest Yamabu fic The Littlest Puppet, which you should read if you haven't because it's beautiful. ^^

Okay, on to other things... There was Hyakushiki today! =D It seems we're going to have two or more episodes about the Olympics, because that was today's theme and it will be next week's theme too. Today there was also a report in which Sanada and Shoon practised archery. =)

Being Saggitarius and an elf in disguise I knew Shoon had to be good at archery. ^___^

Okay, so he needs a little practice, but he did really well taking into account it was his 1st time.

2008.07.29 Hyakushiki - Olympics 1.asf (78.32 MB)

And finally, on to the real theme of this post... September's SC... Shoon-wise. I've been thinking that perhaps the reason why Shoon gets to sing a new song with ABC and they wear matching outfits could be that they are going to perform that same song is Summary. I had my doubts as to whether Shoon might or might not take part in Summary 2008, but I think that the recent events have shown that JE values Shoon as an asset, and they probably were trying to find a way to give him some quality stage time. Not a solo because unfortunately at the moment that seems very unlikely, but something better than one or two lines with other groupless juniors in some medley as has been happening in SC.

Anyway, here's a rough translation of a SC report from one of my favourite Shoon fanblogs: Yamashita-ism.

Opening of the 1st episode: 輪になって踊ろう (Wa ni natte odorô - Let's form a ring and dance) Shoon appears with ABC, wearing a new sparkly black suit that matches ABCs outfits. He's wearing a ring on his right hand too.

MC segment: Kawai, Tottsu, and Shoon. They're wearing new matching red outfits. Each one is a little different design though. Not sure if I've understood this correctly, but I think they talk about the SC theme, "仲間 - nakama" (partner/companion/close friend)... which happens to be the same theme Yabu and Hikaru had for the Shounen Club they produced on the 2006.12.10 episode. Doesn't that show a certain laziness on the SC staff part? ^^ I mean, can't they think of new themes?

Anyway, I believe Nakamaru and Koyama give them sentences with an open ending for them to complete as they choose. Shoon -again if I understood correctly- says that if he was asked by a close friend to accompany them(to stand by them I guess), he would do so forever. And then he adds that even if he was not asked to do it, he would.

Then comes the ABC+Shoon song, of which unfortunately nobody seems to have caught the title. It seems there's a very cool bit of acrobatics at the beginning in which Shoon does his trademark backflip while Tottsu and Kawai help Tsuka-chan do that impressive flip from above... know which one I mean? ^^

Oh, and Shoon gets a solo part in the song, which is nice. ^___^b Finally getting to hear Shoon's voice on its own after so long!

Shoon reappears for the ending song in the 1st episode, 無限大 (Mugendai - infinity)

In the second episode he's introduced with ABC, with whom he's dancing, and Shoon blows a kiss to the camera. ^0^~*

Here comes my favourite part. XD When Koyama and Nakamaru announce that the guest is HSBEST, and Shoon sees Yabu appear on the stage, Shoon, in a little bit of a girly manner (LOL), opens his eyes widely, lifts a hand to his mouth, and seems to mouth あら! ("Ara!" - Oh!) Awww... Yamabu moment! ^0^ Hope the cameras didn't miss that. ^^

Then he reappears for a medley, in which he sings 喜びの歌 (Yorokobi no uta) with a couple of ABC members and Nakayama.

He takes part in the Junior League segment of the second episode. Yay!

Not sure what it was about - I think they had to do a bit of acting? - but it seems Shoon participated a lot and Nakamaru praised him. =)

For the ending of the second episode HSBEST sang "Your Seed", and then the juniors (Shoon included) joined them to sing 冒険ライダー (Bouken Rider - Adventure Rider) It's in this part that Shoon and Hikaru stand next to each other and pass their arm around each other's shoulders and look at each other. Apparently this was quite emotional. I hope the cameras caught that too.

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