January 20, 2011

a new START!

Today I finished doing 2 things I'd been wanting to do for a loooong time:
1) upgraded my blog design! YES! It was about time. I was clinging to my old blogger template - always afraid of changes, that's me. ^^; I knew this new one would make things easier for you and me, and it would be a lot neater and open up lots of exciting possibilities, but yeah, I wanted to be sure I wouldn't lose anything important in the template 'migration', so it took me a while. XD;;;

2) I FINALLY this is rather embarrassing actually ^^;;; got to editing the "about Ya-Ya-yah" section (see lovely tab at the top). It was kind of shameful that I hadn't edited it after Ya-Ya-yah's break up, so any newbie visiting this blog must have been very confused as to whether Ya-Ya-yah was still around or not. =_=||| But it was so depressing to edit it to say "Ya-Ya-yah no more" that I kept putting it off. I suppose I'm stronger now, especially thanks to Taiyô and Shoon's "comeback". Whether we hear from them again or not (though I very much hope we will), just knowing that they didn't give up on their dreams and tried to fight for them makes me stand by what I believed all along: that the 'Fantastic Four' are really the 'Fantastic Four' and that keeping the memory of Ya-Ya-yah alive is absolutely worth the effort. :)

2011 is the year of the rabbit, so this could be my year, because my sign in the Chinese Horoscope is the rabbit (or the cat according to some variants, which I actually prefer), and I'm excited about carrying out my plans of turning this blog into a comprehensive Ya-Ya-yah site (with a media index, and a scans index, translations, etc.), a true point of reference for anybody who wants to know all there is to know about Ya-Ya-yah, like I'm doing with the Shoon community. ^__^ There's still a lot of work to be done, but I feel very energetic and enthusiastic.

Tsk, pity that re-start/renewal of the Ya-Ya-yah show didn't work. :( I was remembering that today. Another thing that led me to believe we were heading to a debut.

PS: I've gone back to the blogger comment system, but it allows you to sign in with your LJ username, and supposedly notifies you of replies, I think? Please give it a try and tell me.


Anonymous said...

Wow!! its looks very refreshing must have taken you a long time...

i think it will be perfect comprehensive site, i always thought of it that way, its where i came whenever i needed to find something about Ya-ya-yah..

so thank you!! Hopefully this year will bring you alot of luck, joy, success and happiness..

Anonymous said...

Just a very quick comment to say that the site looks great. Of course the header picture makes it extra special but I know that will be changed at some stage LOL.

Keep up the good work Irea dear and if I can help in any way please just ask. I'm sure that I have some shows etc uploaded that you can add to the site.

Anonymous said...

I like the new layout..

It's so refreshing..

I also hope that we can hear some more news from those boys.. I really missed shoon and taiyo.. but meanwhile I just need to be satisfy with hika & yabu >.<

so let's pray for the best this year ♥

Anonymous said...

Hi there Irea-san :)
I like this new layout, it seems fresh and modern! Good choice! Although at the same time I'm kind of sad to not see the old layout, because to me, that blog was where everything started
I'm sure you will make this blog very awesome, even more than it already is :)
A 'fresh' start for Taiyo and Shoon (hopefully) and for us too

Anonymous said...

Hi there Irea-san :)
I like this new layout, it seems fresh and modern! Good choice! Although at the same time I'm kind of sad to not see the old layout, because to me, that blog was where everything started
I'm sure you will make this blog very awesome, even more than it already is :)
A 'fresh' start for Taiyo and Shoon (hopefully) and for us too

Anonymous said...

Very nice layout! I love the blue~ ^^ (I got confused though cuz I was used to your old layout too, and was wondering if I had opened the right page lol)
I think a comprehensive site is an awesome idea! A great way to keep the Yax3 love going~! :D

You're a rabbit too? I know so many people who are rabbits XD Best wishes this year then! ;D
In Chinese tradition, you're apparently supposed to wear red socks/belts all year XD;

Anonymous said...

Ah changes! But this one, I tell you, is very refreshing. (You hear it from someone who hates changes. (:) I evaluated my life starting from 092407, and yes, I have become stronger. Well, they say that absence makes the heart grow fonder (and stronger). I believe there's a better future for Shoon & Taiyo, but even so, the four of them will always & forever be Ya-Ya-yah to me. (Hello~! We were never fair weather fans, right?)

I also want to bring more activity into our coven (here's me laughing as I was typing it), but I guess most of us have become quite busy with life. Oh anyway, reading that START-themed entry really made me think that it's so Leo of you. Hahaha.

Anonymous said...

irea-san~ still remember me? been a loooong while since i last visited (because i spent the last however many months away from home). and it's always good to come home to good news! i just spent the last however long catching up on the missed months. glad to know that Taiyou might be making a return~

love the new layout! would also love to hear about what's going on with irea-san some time too~

Anonymous said...

I feel bad for not visiting your blog for a long time... I remember my last visit was during my internship in China which is almost a year ago. So sorry >_<

I love the new layout! Remind me of spring/summer.

This year is also my year! I read on several magazines that this year will bring so much prosperity and luck to us. hahaha. I hope it's true ^^.

Thennary Nak said...

I really like the new layout. It does make things easier to navigate and I think it even loads faster than with the old one.

I think this year will be full of great things as well. I'm sure once he's done with school we can expect to see more of Shoon. And I do hope we see more of Taiyo as I like seeing Juniors, even those that have left Johnny's, doing well even without a debut.

I've been watching all the Shounen Club episodes I can my hands on recently and watching the older ones it's interesting to see how Ya-Ya-Yah changed through the years. From being the chibi-group to the fluctuations from being 4 or 5 members and then having to change their image a bit once J.J. Express was created and it was clear that the Yax3 members were hitting their growth spurts fast. And now seeing them all as adults is really amazing even if they aren't together anymore.

Cristina said...

@nfsqym: Thank you for all the encouragement. <3 I'm glad you like the new look of the blog and I'll work hard to make it even better. :) Ganbarimashoon~

@yungboy: A picture of Taiyô would make any layout look nice, wouldn't it? ;) Today I've changed it to Yabu because it's Yabu's bday, but Taiyô will return to the header later - hopfully with some promo picture of the theatre play? ^.^v Actually I have some ideas that I'd like to discuss with you and Hydee (about a new Ya-Ya-yah community).

@tetsu69ers: Glad you like the new layout, thanks! :) I too hope for more news from Taiyô and Shoon soon. ^__^v

@kokokako_831: aww... we human beings tend to cling to the things we are used to, don't we? ;) But I think that as soon as you get used to this new layout you'll like it better. :) Old posts will be easier to find, and it will make my blogger-life a lot easier as well and less time consuming.

@unvrknow: LOL Sorry about confusing you, Yuu-chan! I should have warned you guys or something, but I wanted it to be a surprise. ;) I have so many Ya3-related plans to carry out and so little time! D: Oh, I didn't know about the red socks/belts! Too bad I don't like red very much, but if it can be socks I suppose I could wear as it's not as though I'm going to see them inside my shoes. LOL

@soeursierra: Hi, Hydee! :) Yes, I think we needed a bit of fresh air to keep going. In fact I have some ideas I'd like to discuss with you in that respect. ;) I was never too sure of that saying about the heart growing fonder with absence, but it must definitely be true, because I dream of Shoon more often now he's not around and I treasure little things like the news about him being spotted in Taiwan. ;) I too would like to contribute more to our 'coven' (cute! XD) but yeah, real life is to blame. I can't hide my Leo-ness, can I? LOL

@Yuuriki: Hi, Yuu!!!! :D So nice to hear from you again! How have you been? Actually there's more good news about Taiyô that I'll detail in a future post (he's going to appear on a theatre play titled Tumbling 2!) and Shoon has been spotted recently (I posted about it at the Shoon comm. ^__^ I'm glad you like the new layout, and I should definitely update my own LJ with some real life news about myself since it's been so long since I last made any post on it. ^^;;;

@saintefleur: awww... no need to apologize. :) I feel lucky you guys still come visit when my blogposts have become so irregular. ^^;;; I'm glad you like the new layout (yes, it's got a summery feeling to it, doesn't it? I was going to use a winter background, but it looked so cold, and it's so cold right now! XD). Oh, so you're a rabbit/cat too on the Chinese horoscope? Ha, ha, yes, I hope this year has great things in store for us. ;)

@Thennary_Nak: Hi, Seca!! ^__^/ I'm glad you like the new layout. It's easier to navigate, isn't it? And I'm hoping to improve it in the next months. I so hope you're right and we'll hear from Shoon again once he's done with his studies! I very much hope so, but I don't want to get to hopeful. Taiyô's return (I'm sure you've seen the news about him appearing in the theatre play Tumbling 2) gives me hope. If after 3 years and a half after Ya-Ya-yah's break up Taiyô hasn't given up on his desire to build a career in the entertainment business, why should Shoon? :) It's true, watching old shows now makes you realize so many things you hadn't noticed before, right? When it was all happening (I joined the fandom in late 2005/early 2006), I had too much to absorb and download and watch to notice certain things, and it's only now I'm re-watching old shows more calmly and going through old scans, etc. that I'm realizing a lot of things that escaped me back then.