March 25, 2011

Taiyô in URAKARA

I'm sure the HD version will be up soon, and I'm hoping for a flaily, fangirly, in-depth analysis of Taiyô's acting from AXEL (say yes? ), but in the meantime, here's today's URAKARA episode for the impatient. ;) Credits to marchonsvite5. 2011.03.25 Urakara - episode 10.avi (190MB) (password: sun) Enjoy! edit: HD file of both full episode and only Taiyô's part can be found here (scroll down to the middle of the post).

翔央くんへ、 大学ご卒業おめでとうございます! これからも頑張って下さい。いつでも応援します。 (congrats to Shoon on his graduation! ^__^)


flo-century said...

thank you irea... can't wait to watch this.. ^^
and happy graduation to shoon too..

aaah, i'm so happy today..!! ^___^

luvje said...

thank you very much. :)
Taiyo, he can make me happy.. i love him <3
and congractuations to Shoon on his graduation.

pls, answer me.
can i take it away somewhere?

flo-century said...

ah, anyway, can i repost this,please?

i've watched it already!! Taiyo is sooo cool and cute at the same time.. >-<

Twyla24 said...

thanks you so much irea!

Irea said...

@flo-century: I'd be grateful if you link people here instead of re-posting it. :)

@luvje: Instead of re-posting the video, please post a link to this post for people to come here. Thanks! :)

@twyla: you're welcome. <3

luvje said...

thx. :D

Anonymous said...

Miss u ne Taiyo ~

Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Thx for Taiyo's news > <

flo-century said...

okay!! thanks so much.. ^^