June 07, 2007

2007.06.02 livestage

I'm totally in love with Yabu's left ear -though I imagine the right one is just as pretty =p - and Shoon's rapping -his pronounciation of the "yogh" sound in "pleasure" (the phoneme [ʒ]) is perfect! O_O, and that's no little thing because that phoneme does not exist in Japanese, so it must be hard for a Japanese person to pronounce correctly.
I wish it would have been just Ya-Ya-yah who had performed the song, or at least only with the J.J.Express guys, because the Morimoto brothers and Taiga's voices give the song a less mature sound. ^^U
Anyway... I've posted it at Mitsukai's site Singin' for You, so please head there to watch it and download it. =]